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A longing heart

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RussellDP, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. So I have been working in Melbourne fora couple of days and didnt feel 100 percent confident to ride the bike from Shepparton, mainly due to Melbourne traffic.

    Maybe next trip in a month will be different.

    But spent a couple of hours walking around the city bike shops, wishing and dreaming, looking and trying to decide what the next bike will be.

    What I know i am going to struggle with is being restricted for another three years before i can get the next bike. Not sure how im gonna deal with that.

  2. boy do I agree with this... if there was a Ducati Panigale LAMS I'd be there and I'm counting down the weeks until restrictions end...

    You could always just change bikes each year to keep you interested ;)
  3. Good idea not taking on the CBD traffic until you are confortable.

    But why do you have to wait 3 years to get another bike? Unless it's financial reasons, sell your current bike when you get the itch and try another LAMS bike. You could try a roadbike, then motard, then an adventure bike in 3 years.
  4. True, but i dont really see the point in going lams bike to lams bike, I know some will have better performance than my little Hyo but i reckon im better off saving the money and going up to something better at the end of lams.
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  5. Yep, I get that. Better off spending that money on riding courses.
  6. Wow, first world problem, hey? Some of the LAMS bikes available are fantatsic! MT07..

    Why, back in my day.... all we had was 250cc bikes or less.
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  7. I think this is your best bet mate honestly. There is nothing wrong with having something to look forward to.

    I've been on my LAMS for 10 months, 2 to go.......and I'm starting to go nuts.
  8. I thought the same, but after going from a CB400 to an MT07 wow, a mate that has a Street triple R rode it and believes below 110kph you would be hard pressed to notice much of a difference in power.
    No it's not a litre bike but I have no trouble keeping up with 1000cc plus bikes at on road speeds and there are other lams bikes in the same class as the MT07, don't wait 3 years, think of it as as intermediate step up.
  9. You could use those three years to learn to ride.

    Then you'll be ready for the R6 or whatever.

    Put the time in now..

    Read TWOTW etc. and get the technique learnt while you are on a forgiving bike.
  10. Yep, BMWRXBMWRX is my brother who has a street triple R who has ridden the 660 LAMS model. He too has the opinion that the LAMS version at normal speeds is every bit as much fun as the full blown bike.

    The MT-07 is a cracking bike no doubt about it.
  11. You'll always want what you can't have. I took a break from riding during my probationary period and focused on other hobbies and came back to an MT-09. Problem is, there is so much power you can't even give it full throttle without the bike looping on you and is making me wish I spent more time riding slow bikes fast instead of fast bikes slow.
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  12. Two things you may wish to consider.

    1. Few LAMS bike riders have truely mastered their bike and are riding it to its fullest capacity when they upgrade to a more powerful bike.

    2. Many litre bike owners own a second (or third or fourth) smaller bike often a 250 or thereabouts, which they ride for the sheer fun of it.
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  13. Really? Why is a 250 (or similar) more fun than a more powerful or bigger bike?

    And i get what you are saying about being fully functional on a lams bike first, hopefully i didnt come across as an "i need more power" guy.

    When i talk about a bigger bike im generally meaning one that sits a little more comfortably at freeway speeds.
  14. I guess you need to ride a bigger bike, then come back to a 250 to understand. They are sort of like go karts compared to race cars. Slower, yes, but you can drive them closer to there limits. I love being in 3rd whilst taking switchback corners on ridge top roads. You are only doing 80-100km/h, but the bike is singing along and feels like you are pushing it so hard. You haven't even got out of first on a litrebike.

    No one is saying a 250 is the best, they aren't, but I find it hard to sell because it hits a spot bigger bikes don't.
  15. Trust me, its definitely more fun to flog the guts out of a smaller bike (CBR250RR definitely one of my favorites) than ride a big bike slow :p
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