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A little worried about P's test...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ekstreme, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've had my L's for just over a year now, and I think I'm pretty confident on the bike. I ride more or less every day and have been on quite a few big rides.

    My distress is that I have recently moved from SA to NSW and need to book my course soon. Having practiced the level 2 test in SA qutie a few times, I know my bike, CBR250RR cannot manouver the S bend and the figure 8 in the box without going over the lines.

    Long story short, I've looked at the NSW course, and have to do a similar tight U turn in a box as pictured here: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/most/most_coneweave_uturn.html

    I'm not sure what the dimensions of the box were in the SA course, but 6.1m still seems a little small for my bike to be able to turn in.

    Anyone here done the course on the same bike? I'd really appreciate a heads up as this is really killing my confidence.

  2. If you're that worried you can probably hire a bike, the ones they use should be just fine.

    That said it should be possible on your bike with the right technique... perhaps head along to one of the Wednesday night practice sessions and have a try with the course marked out.
  3. I just saw the post for the weekly learner sessions, looks interesting. I don't really know my way around sydney very well yet, but I think I can get to Olympic park and back.

    I saw that you can hire bikes from the training centre, but it doesn't say which ones hire them. Might have to make some calls.
  4. The bikes they rent out are absolute rubbish.

    They'll probably pit you with a honda cb 250.

    With the U-turn if you're not making it in the lines, get a bit more speed when you go around and counterlean the bike, i.e. hold yourself up while lowering the bike. I don't think you fail if you cross the lines or put a foot down though so i wouldn't panic too much about a minor stuff up.

    The main thing is to keep your eyes level and look where you want to go.

    I won't say the test is easy but I won't say it's difficult either. Your bike is likely to make it slightly more difficult though but if you practice the manouveres in a carpark or something similar alot, it should be a piece of cake.
  5. I know paramatta use the ScorpioZ and St Ives use the VFR 250
  6. Guy at my course today on a 250rr failed but not because he was on a 250rr. If you practise the u-turn and cone weave you'll be fine I'd say, although renting a bike will make them easier. You'll just have to deal with the horrible hire bikes.
  7. Get out there and practice it every day and you should be fine. In the ACT we only get 5.5m for u-turn and that's plenty of space if you practice, as well as 3.4m spacing for the cones versus 4.0m for NSW. The more you practice the easier it becomes - get out there and do 15-30 mins *every* day and in 2 weeks time it'll become second nature.
  8. You lose 5 points for touching the boundary line on a u-turn so that only leaves you 3 points to play with, but as long as you did the rest ok you should still pass.
  9. /me loves been in vic.
  10. Yes its possible to do the most-test on a CBR250RR.

    All you need to do is practice, practice and practice some more. I found the cone weave easier to do with a bit of speed instead of trying to go slow using the rear brake. The u-turn in 6.1m is definately do-able. It's smaller int the ACT and after a lot of practice I could get mine around it.
  11. I did my P's not long ago for NSW and I lost one point due to forgetting one headcheck before takeoff. I also had trouble with the U-turn in the practice session, but I managed to do it at well for the test. The trick is to sit upright on the side of the seat * and lean the bike a fair way into the turn. I had it on a VTR250 so i do not know what the steering locked-turning circle is for a CBR250 but i'll be very surprised if it larger than 6m.

    * you know what i mean, counterweight the bike.

    Practice at a empty typical carpark. If you can make a complete circle within the lane marking of two side-by-side carpark spaces, then you have successfully practiced counterbalance and U-turns. Be ready with the throttle, for if you lean too far inwards, just gas it out of there so as not to layover.
  12. Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to hit my local shopping centre carpark after hours, see what my baby and I can do.

    Might also pop into the learner sessions next Wednesday. Bit crook atm, so I think I'll give it a miss this week
  13. I did my P's early last year and no one that had been riding for a while had any problems. The test/course also gives you quite a few hours to practice all the required elements so if you've been riding consistantly for the year don't be too concerned. (of course practice if you have the chance)

    The biggest problem all of our group faced were the head checks, they're so easy to forget but end up costing you. If you keep it in mind to head check every time, even if you do make a minor mistake during the test you should be fine.

    I also note you are over 30, (as am I) when I went for my licence I only had a scooter so did the test on that, if you are really concerned about the U-turn or any slow stuff hire a scooter you'll easy be able to make the U-turn and you'll still end up with the same licence.

    Before anyone else says anything, yes its best to be able to learn to perform all these elements on your bike, you never know when you'll need them, but to avoid having to do the test again or worse still having your L's expire it may be worth considering the above.
  14. All I can say is:




    Did I mention HEADCHECK??

    Good luck you'll be fine.
  15. Thanks for the hot tip rekless :)

    You're in Roselands too I see. Let me know if you want to go for a ride some time.

    You're not part of the group that seems to meet at the Petrol station on the corner of Canary's and King Georges road Sunday nights are you?