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A little trip / Ireland - Isle of man - Spain and Italy -

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Bangr, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Hey all

    For those who are not up to speed , I am off on a little trip OS , Below is a link to what I hope will be a shit load of bike pick's .

    I am flying out tue and heading to Ireland , hope to catch up with some road racer's over there , I slip over to the Isle of Man for a few days over easter and then back to Ireland , From there of to Spain and the first stop is Jerez Moto Gp , which nI am hoping to open a few door at and get a good look at the racing (I have a crew contact I am hoping can get me in.) I have been told up to 250 thousand mad Spanish on race day (let the fun begin) . I am so looking forward to this race .

    From there I slip up the Spanish coast to Valencia for the World super bikes , After the Aust round I have made some god friends in one of the Yamaha teams and will be helping set up there pit garage ect from the tue onwards , at this race meeting i should be able to get some relly good photos ect I hope , with the access I will have.

    From there (after getting over the sunday night i it is like the Aust round - when a French says one drink I think he is talking in Liters .) I head over to italy and a tour of the Ducati Factory and there museum , I hope to find some nice bling for the Duke there .

    So that is it in a nut shell , hope you enjoy my pics ect from the trip as I go , looking forward to sharing it all with you.


    The direct link for pics .

    http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d179/b_bangr/Irela - Isleman-Spain-Italy/
  2. I hate you and you smell!

    Have a berluddy brilliant and awesome time mate, soak up the atmosphere, you're gonna have a ball!
  3. Good luck with the trip mate, hope it all goes very smoothly.

    PS, if you need a stunt double I'd be happy to take your spot ;)
  4. Stunt double, the poor bugger didn't know half the riders in the WSBK pit area. I spent 10 mins going 'that's Fabrizio, there's Fabien, hang on, isn't that Josh....'. I offered to accompany Bangr on his trip helping with names, but for some reason my exceedingly generous offer was refused.
  5. Not sure if you heard what I said to you yesterday when I was leaving, but I'll say it again just in case you missed it.....

    I HATE YOU!!!

    Have a blast Bren. Enjoy every second of it....and don't forget to relax!!! And take photos of hot male Spaniards for me okay! :cool:
  6. You mean you've got over your Ben lust
  7. If I had a suit case big enough I would take you all with me , or a normal size suit case full of money would do it as well.

    I will think of you all as i wonder around "as Deyago would say smelling the racing ' .

  8. Bollocks you will! If you do, it'll only to dig out our mobile numbers to send smug SMS's to us telling us what a great time you're having!

    Have an awesome one, can't wait for the first photo's.
  9. :rofl: Never! Keep 'em coming cejay ;) haahaha..
  10. Phnarr Phnarrr!!
  11. I have a suitcase we can use. Fill it with money and the job's done. :grin:

    You suck. I wanna go. :LOL:
  12. :woot: your going to Disneyland :dance: well 8-[ maybe euro disneyland.
    Enjoy Brendan, trust you sold the Ducati in order to pay for a days accomadation,cheeseburger, small fries and living expenses in UK :? :bannanabutt:
    Im sure you will come home with a million stories and a plethora of STD's, :butt: unpronouncable in all but the local dialect where collected. :LOL:
  13. Howdy all

    A few pic's up on the site , I have made it to Ireland and am heading of to Isle of Man tmrw , I hope to be able to get a few laps of the road course done while I am over there .

    As cold as over here in Ireland , it was 2 deg this morning , dam cold day , I spent the day looking around Dublin, I am looking forward to having a look around Ireland over the easter weekend .

  14. Puts on voice of Rick from "the Young One's"

    Utter, Utter, Bastard!


    Jealous beyond all comprehension mate!
  15. Hey all

    Some pics from Isle of man and Skerries up on the site , having a ball , looking forward to spain in a few days.
  16. Good to see you've got the camera under control - interesting new friend you have there too ........ :p
  17. HI all

    A very short one , the internet cafe want to close , made it to Spain , I am in Marbella , it is about 150 klms from Jerez , I go there tmrw (thur) to see if I can get in on set up day .

    Some more pics up of a road race in Ireland >I went to . Puics of Spain in a few days I hope.
  18. Sounds like you are already having fun and games over there.
    Just in case you missed it earlier
    You sir are an Utter, Utter, Utter, Utter, Bastard! :LOL:
  19. I am Jealous.

    That is all.

    p.s. What the hell is a Joby?