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A little story of road rage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Marick, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Was travelling south along the M1 from the Gateway Bridge to the Pacific Highway. Three lanes, I was in the middle sitting behind two cars that were travelling at approx 80kms in a 100 zone. No issues with that, so I merged to the right lane moved past the cars and back into the gap between the front white car and another car that was about 30m ahead of me.

    Zone changes from 100 to 80 and I off-throttle and forget to touch the brack, relying on the twin GS to do its engine braking gorgeousness. Next moment the white car behind me is right on my ass, and I mean within spitting distance.

    Ease back onto the throttle and pull forwards, now just waiting for the Pacific Highway merge. As I approach the merge the car behind cuts between me and the car to his left (I am in the middle lane merging into the off ramp right lane.) He is literally so close that I can touch his side mirror. The driver is flailing his hands at me wildly. I open throttle and move well in front of him.

    What follows is a strange game of Car Chase Bike as I merge between cars with him following sverving into gaps to try and keep pace with me. I merge to the left lane, he speeds into the right and comes up alongside my right and proceeds to scream and gesture at me. Cant hear a word which I do my best to convey to him. Driver moves his car in front of mine and astutely assumes I am going to take the next exit. He bides his time and at the last moment crosses the white hatching and up the left ramp. I merge back off the ramp and onto the motorway. Again with the shouting and gesturing.

    One thing I didnt understand was: he kept pointing at me and then at his shoulder, which I think meant that he was referring to the badges on my jacket. Possibly assuming that RST is some outlaw bikie gang logo.

    Whole event had me pumped with adrenalin and I still dont know what I did to bring on this guys spectacular tanty.
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  2. I always find it interesting when I observe other drivers doing the road rage thing. Thankfully I am rarely the subject of their tantie, but even so - if I were I can neither read lips nor understand sign language so would have little chance of benefitting from the lesson in good driver behaviour they are obviously trying to pass on.

    Sorry to hear about your incident Marick - it's unfortunately becoming a little too common don't you think?
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  3. I was generally interested in whatever he was attempting to communicate, though I doubt that it was an objective approach to the manner of my riding.

    Funny, I have never had a road rage incident, though I almost got removed forcibly from my bike today by a Commodore merging into me. No rage, no harm done on either part.

    I commute everyday so maybe I might be expecting more...
  4. It doesn't take much to get some people angry.

    I'd suggest that when you throttled off he wasn't paying attention and/or thought your brake lights aren't working.

    When I encounter these types of idiots I first try and get way way way in front of them. If that fails or isn't possible I stay behind them, much easier to predict their next move .
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  5. Cool story bro.

    This was a two player game. You wanted this almost as much as he did, otherwise you would have backed off when he went past and kept him in front of you.
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  6. I like the chase but Im no playa!

    Seriously it wasnt until he was coming up on my left to polish the grime off my mirror that I thought about this. Opening up to get back in front was my admittedly intentional affront to his personage, just to show that I could.

    I'll admit I have learned that bikes will always win if push comes to shove. Probably would have been better to humble myself and relegate my nostrils to inhaling his exhaust.
  7. Yeah I'm guessing he didn't see the speed change and got pissed because what he saw was some numpty overtake and then slow down in front of him.
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  8. Never thought if it like that. Applies to all sorts of arguments etc.

    I'm pretty sure he was telling you about the massive spider on your shoulder, btw!
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  9. glad to see you're alright & sometimes you just don't know why the "other bloke" goes off. Don't sweat it there will be more
  10. When push comes to shove, bikes will always lose.

    Glad you got out of it ok though.
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  11. Not saying this is the case but it is very hard not to look aggressive when trying to tell someone something by yelling, like when you are in 2 moving cars. The pointing at the back I interpret as him saying your brake light is out.

    I've told drivers in traffic their head lights are out and the first reaction they give me is that I am threatening them.
  12. Is sunny QLD a place where road rage is common? A few years back I was driving along the Sunshine Coast hwy north of Brisbane, doing 110 in a 100km/h zone and all of a sudden a ute overtakes from the left with the driver gesturing and giving me the finger ! Weirdo
  13. I maybe wouldn't have gone with the finger but I definitely would have been ranting about what an idiot you are in my mind.
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  14. What was that about? I was already trying to overtake someone else using the right lane and that guy cuts in from the left. Not a wise move.
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  15. How did the guy overtake you on the left if you were over taking someone?
  16. 3 lanes?
  17. In the meanwhile, on another imaginable car forum:

    Was travelling south along the M1 from the Gateway Bridge to the Pacific Highway. Three lanes, I was in the middle sitting behind a car that was travelling at approx 80kms in a 100 zone. No issues with that.

    Zone changes from 100 to 80 and a bike that was traveling behind me speeds up, overtakes me and cuts right in front of me, then suddenly slows down. Next moment I nearly collided with him, thankfully I reacted in time and applied some brakes.

    The bike then pulls forward and moves sporadically. As I approach the merge the bike cuts right in front of me again, this time nearly hitting my side mirrors. He is literally so close that I can touch him. I was trying to tell the rider that he should be looking over his shoulder to do a better head check and slowed down to let him go..

    What follows is a strange game of Bike Chase Car as I merge. The bike was trying to figure out where I would be going and always stayed in front of me. I merge to the left lane, he speeds into it too. I was getting angry and scared as he could be one of those bikies, but I tried to tell him to behave on the road. After all that I decided to give up and move in front of him to avoid possible collision that he could be willing to cause.

    One thing I didn't understand was: how do those riders even get a license if they can't even do a head check after I pointed it out to him.

    Whole event had me pumped with adrenalin and I still dont know what I did to bring on this guys spectacular tanty.
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  18. Wow Dima, it's an incredible coincidence you found that post isn't it ;)

    The other persons perspective can be educational at times, can't it?
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  19. Yep the roads between Cold coast, Brisbane and Sunny sees some very ordinary driving.
  20. Sorry but this was OP's fault. Pulling out infront of someone then slowing down should not get you in trouble, but this is one of those "You're on a bike, its always your fault" things.

    The fact that everyone was doing 80 in a 100 zone should have been a warning that something unexpected was ahead.