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A little story for everyone (Especially the bigger boys)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vodkashot, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Good Evening Guys!

    New rider here, For many years I wanted to ride a sportsbike but was always told that I couldn't I was just too fat. I searched through this forum and the rest of the net and nowhere gave me a real answer, Too embarassed to try and sit on a bike with people watching I always just kept it a dream.

    I recently had abit of a lifestyle change and dropped a small amount of weight (Still going guys) and had abit of a confidence boost and promised myself I wasn't going to let my weight get in my way of anything anymore; I started doing all the things I wanted. (Going to clubs, Getting some nice clothes, Getting a tattoo...Or a few)

    On the side my passion is drifting, I have a 180sx that I use for my skids but the thing is (And anyone that owns a modified car knows this) you get defected everywhere. So I always had a second car to drive around, Something bland and inconspicuous. I got sick of driving a shitter everywhere and the whole motorbike thing started sparking up in my head again.

    So I walked into a bike store and told the guy what I was told about my size and bikes; The bloke at the drop of a hat took me to a new CBR250, Told me he doesnt want me to buy the bike; Just sit on it. He was stern on it and wouldn't let me walk away till I tried it. I sat on it and felt no discomfort what so ever (I am currently 139Kgs 180CM). The guy told me to go buy a bike, He didn't care where from and to go have fun. I shook his hand, Thanked him for his time and left.

    The next day I pulled some money out of my drift savings(Yet again, And skidders out there will more than likely have something like this... Money for parts, tyres, track days etc) went and bought a imported '92 CBR250RR fireblade (Shout out to the guy that sold it to me!), Basically what I always wanted to learn on; A fast learner sports bike.

    On the way back I stopped by a store and bought a helmet and jacket, We then stopped at a empty grass field and it was my first time to ride a bike. I don't know wether its from my motoring background or devine intervention but as soon as they told me how to get going I was off 1st time riding like it was 2nd nature, Shifting, leaning, braking etc. My friend was yelling at me to stop and chasing me down, Thinking I was out of control.

    Went and got my Ls the other day and this weekend I went to every corner of sydney on my bike.

    Basically what I am getting to is:
    Don't let anyone tell you that you can't ride because of your size.

    Sorry for the long ass post, Because I couldn't find any info on this maybe someone that was in my situation may find this helpful.

    Nice to meet you all and I hope to meet some of you on a cruise sometime.
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  2. on a cibber it'd be tight, but my 135kg 6'2" works ok on a hyo.
  3. The world's full of presumptuous nay-sayers. Good on you.
  4. Shots for this mate when i was 16...i was 132kgs at 6foot5 (kinda tall haha) i lost 43 KGs and grew 1 inch to 6foot6 and i joined the navy ...so i know what u mean by people putting you down for weight..now when i run into people i used to go to school with they second glance me then realise its me so goodluck with the wait loss and the cibber :)
  5. Welcome to NR and good onya!

    If you're doing this on your own, maybe start a support thread of sorts? Get tips on what others did to change thier lifestyle, (I don't believe in dieting - it's got to be a forever change - not a temporary one), what helped them both physically and mentally, etc etc..

  6. Should do a progression diary too, like your start weight your goal weight and the sturggle in the middle till u hit it :D
  7. Is that the bit just below the belly-button?
  8. :beer: Carry on...
  9. Good for you and good on that sales person for encouraging you.
  10. Well done bloke and welcome
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  11. Well done and welcome to netrider a forum for all shapes sizes religions and opinions :D
  12. Lots of opinions
  13. I don't agree with that :)


    Welcome Vodkashot
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  14. Welcome in and well done.
    You'll find if you want to do lots of riding, you'll need to be reasonably fit (ish) it is quite a physical thing.
    Once youve got the neck muscles strengthened you'll be fine.

  15. Wow, nice work bud. The first 2 paragraphs are like looking in a damn mirror!
  16. Welcome to bike riding.

    I am a (ahem) larger girl and the only thing that makes a difference is no passengers as the bike will be over the limit. (sports bike) Most bikes will take a fair amount of weight also.

    Am starting to get fitter, doing an hour of exercise everyday but was completely unfit when my friend and I rode from Vic to QLD last year, and never had any issues, it was a great ride and we could have kept going.

    Only issue is trying to find gear that fits, but the more you google and have a look around there is plenty of stuff out there.

    Happy Riding
  17. Well done and welvome
  18. Glad you got the bike. Ride the damn thing where ever you please now and let it bring the calm and utter joy to you.

    See you on the road and welcome to NR.
  19. Well done mate, that's what motorbiking is all about. Just getting out and having a blast. Welcome (y)
  20. Dont let the weight worry you, My mate years ago rode an 860 Norton Commando,

    Riding behind him it looked like a match stick poking out his bum,

    The smile you have now, wont go away either, when you get a bigger bike, the smile gets bigger,