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A little humility, work ethic and WHAM ! Thanks for the paycheck, biatch !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nickers330, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. yeh well, he definitely deserved a payout, the question was how much.
  2. I'd be gazing upon a smartie with love, too.

    Mind you, in my work I regularly see the after-effects of work-place bullying, and they can be pretty debilitating.
  3. awwwwright -- a beotch on a power trip just cost her employer 325K and her job
  4. There's no justification or excuse for workplace bullying. It needs to be stamped out hard. In the case described, I think $3,000 ~ $5,000 would have sent a message.

    ... $325,000 is ... a bit ludicrous. ... Is it politically correct to be too politically correct?
  5. Workplace bullying is often a systemic issue, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the case in this instance too. It seems a lot to get, but I don't think it was too much for the company to pay. Fuck them. They shouldn't have allowed it to occur. If it sends a signal, then good.

  6. It sends a signal to the company to keep a good eye on their employees, as for the victim he is in his 50's and finding work at his age is not ideal.
  7. Though there is always a work for a cleaner.
  8. He he he he. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. How much work do you honestly think there would be for a cleaner that's just won a 300K plus payout from his ex employer? Or even if the amount was only 20-30K?

    But the thing that really scares me, is the 10 year jail term being introduced for bullying. That's starting to step out onto a pretty slippery slope as far as punishment befitting a "crime" What if they decide to introduce such penalties to traffic offences, such as speeding. 10 years for you sir, 40km/hr over the limit, you could have wiped out 1/2 a community.
  9. Kill a bike rider with your car, $500..
    Yell at someone to do their job properly $325,000..
    I dont quite see how either payment is "fair"
  10. Maybe I'm showing ignorance, but I think an employer that doesn't make a habit of rubbing their workers faces into the ground wouldn't have a problem hiring him. Also, if firms hire a cleaning company under a contract, will they really be doing a check on each individual?
  11. It's a duty of care thing. When you employ someone it's your responsibility to ensure that they have a safe workplace, free of physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

    I agree though that neither figure seems appropriate. I wouldn't have thought that physical and verbal abuse at the workplace warranted a fine more than 100 times that of one for killing someone on the roads... though the only person I know who actually has killed someone on the roads and was found in any way responsible spent a few years in weekend detention. It seems justice is inconsistent as well as blind.
  12. Read, "sentence wholly suspended for two years". (after the 3rd offence).

    Yeah, it's all well and good that they have these high penalties. But unless the judges that preside over these cases actually impose these sentences then it's all symbolic claptrap.
  13. A $325,000 payout probably means $25,000 for them - $300,000 for their lawyer.
  14. jd,
    I think you're onto something with that mate (y)

    Had it been me with my face shoved into the ground/floor by anyone, I would've been happier seeing them lying beside me in a pool of blood as justice than accept casholas.
    Of course, any money on top of this gesture would be a bonus.