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A little help please.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by livinlife, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,
    New to the forum and fairly new to riding a bike as well, hoping to get some thoughts on a secondhand Suzuki 250cc bandit I recently bought.
    I've just noticed this problem yesterday while riding on the road. I can feel the click when I shift the gears, but when I shifted to 4th or 5th gear (at 60km/h) the revs seem to be sitting around 5000rpm. Is this normal? My hunch is that the gears doesn't seem to shift beyond the 3rd gear. Would I burn the gearbox if I continue to ride it with such high revs?
    Prior to that I've only ridden around a car park on low gears to get used to the bike hence didn't pick it up =\
    If it is a gearbox problem, would it be expensive to fix it?

  2. A 250 won't actually do anything below 8000rpm. I'm not sure what the red line is on a Bandit but I would guess around about 10-14k. I'd be looking to cruise at around half way to the red line.

    It's not a car, it's supposed to rev high. If you try to putt around at 2-3k rpm like you would in a car you'll blow the head gasket. :)
  3. You might have a slipping clutch. Check the cable is not adjusted too tight, if that's OK, it might get expensive.
  4. 1 message count , how about confirm somehow its changing through all gears,
    maybe your being too soft
    so many variables if you want help more info would help
  5. wouldn't worry to much... all bikes are different, especially in 1st and 2nd.

    Try a different brand oil at the next oil change, can make a huge difference regarding 'clunky' gear changes.
    I only use Gulf Western oils in all my bikes... never had problems.
  6. Put on centre stand in garage and lift off the ground. Start bike and run it through the gears. This should be easy and wont need throttle...jist stay away from the wheel. A 250 revving at 5k rpm at 60 would be about right considering in 5th a cbr1000 is around the 3k mark
  7. Take it out to a deserted long road, maybe an industrial area on a weekend to go through the gears. The redline for the 250 bandit is high if i remember correctly.. redline starts at 16k? don't think the gsf250 differs between the gsf250v.
  8. he never bothered coming back , probably posted in 10 forums looking for free advice
  9. he was in 4th/5th gear at 60ks on a lil 250?

    there's no problem with the bloody bike...more the fecking operator

    bike would've just bogged down and he would've had to wring its neck to start getting power out of it...
  10. Free advice is pretty easy to find on the net, trouble is you usually get what you pay for.