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A little help needed please - Fuel leak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Holster, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Hi all.

    Just wondering if anyone can give me a hand or advice on a little problem I'm having with my bike.

    Bike: '84 SRX250 (seriously - stop laughing)

    In the last few days it seems to have developed a small fuel leak.

    The fuel is dripping off the gear selector (I think thats what it is called) - the bike seems to be running fine so I'm assuming it's a cracked or loose hose. I have tried to have a look to see where it is leaking from but I can't find it. a second problem I have is a very limited mechanical knowledge and an even more limited collection of tools (a cordless drill and a few spanners that seem to be the right size for my son to strip his bmx down every week)

    If there is anyone out there that lives near waverley park or doesn't mind me bringing the bike to you that could give a me a hand I will shower you with compliments, big note your mechanical ability to all and give you beer or stuff.
  2. At a guess it sounds like the fuel is dripping onto the engine then running off onto the shift lever. Have a look at the underside of the carbies - there should be a small screw there that is designed for draining them and it's possible that this may have come loose. Also possible the rubber seal on the underside of the carburettor might be leaking.
    Of course the most likely culprit would be the fuel line so best to just change that anyway - it's only a couple of bucks worth of rubber hose and is something that should be done every 5 years or so anyway (although very few people ever do).
  3. This is where my problems start - I have NFI where the carbies are or what they should look like (if it was a car it would be a different matter)
  4. Carbs are on the other side of the engine to the exhaust - the bit circled in yellow in this pic:
  5. OK, gone downstairs and had a look - there is a black hose coming out of the bottom of the carbie - this is where the fuel is coming out - it's not connected to anything and it doesn't look like there is anything there for it to connect to.
  6. Hopefully there's another SRX owner that can check their bike - but I'm guessing that hose might be supposed to connect to the airbox breather (that's the large plastic box the carbs are connected to).
  7. wouldn't be the reserve line would it?
  8. The only other person on here with a srx that I know of was the the guy with the 87 srx - but I think he sold it recently and got a sprint - username started with I.....
  9. Run your hand under the fuel tank getting your fingers un and under as much as possible, or better yet unbolt the tank for a good look. Is it wet? If it is then you can repair the tank with QuickSteel. If the tank is dry, follow the hoses down the fuel line until you find the leak. :)
  10. I've found the leak (thanks jd xxx)- the fuel is coming out of a black hose that is connected to the bottom of the carbie - the problem is the other end is not connected to anything and there doesn't look to be anything for it to be connected to - It's highly likely than I'm missing something completely obvious to anyone with half a brain.
  11. Hmm, had a look at the parts fiche for the '87 SRX250 (couldn't find any earlier model) and looks like the hose you're talking about is just connected to the carb float bowl and is there to help drain them - in which case it isn't meant to be connected to anything.

    Looks like the screw to open the drain valve is on the side of the lower part of the carb - the one with the big arrow pointing to it in the pic below (which hopefully makes sense).


    Tighten that up and hopefully that'll solve the fuel leak (just don't go playing with any other screws though - some adjust the bike's tuning).

    Oh and don't worry if your bike doesn't have part 57 - not all SRXs did.
  12. Excellent work, jd. :)

    Just one addition - the screw might need to be removed and then replaced if it is reasonably tight already. There might be some corrosion from water in the float bowl, or other muck from fuel standing, which is affecting that area. Removing and refitting will also help clean out anything that shouldn't be in there


    Trevor G
  13. Oooh 666 posts Trevor :demon:

    Good point though, and if after doing all that it still leaks then it likely means the drain valve is stuffed and needs to be replaced (which shouldn't cost more than a few bucks for parts).
  14. Fuel leak

    S E suburbs of where? If you are near Ashburton Vic drop in & have look at it for you. Duncan
  15. If the drain isn't the problem, then it may be the fuel tap isn't working. fuel may be overflowing int the carby and running down this hose.

    What position is your fuel tap on?
  16. I live near waverley park.

    It woud be awesome if you could look at it Duncan - I cant find the screw in the side of the carbie (there is one under it - right next to the hose that is leaking) - and I think it's getting worse (that or the paranoia is setting in)

    I'm in the CBD on week days and don't mind taking the long way home or a trip on the weekend.

    jd you have made my select 'top bloke' list - in fact everyone thats posted has
  17. That's it. It's the bowl drain plug. Unscrew it, clean it and screw it back in as described above.
  18. I'll try it out tonight.

    I think It may be more than just that now - I was trying to start it this morning and it would cut out as soon as I twisted the throttle and the leak seemed to be a lot worse when I was starting it. Does this mean it's running way to rich or my carbie is just stuffed?
  19. I'm guessing you have a fuel tap and/or float needle problem. It's not a huge problem, but maybe you should get someone to have a look at it who has a bit more experience.
  20. SRX

    Pop in to the workshop Saturday morning if you like. I'll be there 830-1230. You may have some crap in the needle & seat from the symptoms you've descibed.