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A little help needed... how to get money back.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Grunge, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Okay okay.. I know I'll get bloody "You shouldn't have.." for this... but anyways....

    I've been scammed out of $400 that I have deposited in to a bank account in Adelaide for a phone which will never come to me.

    My question is is there any recourse to get the $$$ back?
    The only item I have are the guy's bank account details, and the fact that he's in Adelaide. (I'm in Melbourne.)

    I've pretty much written the $400 off, but thought I'd ask.
    I've called the bank and they said that I cannot undo a deposit.. I'm with westpac.

    Any help/tips anyone (if possible anyways.)

    I know I shouldn't have had a bad feeling but meh....
  2. If it was a electronic xfer your bank can attempt a funds recall. though Will cost you from $20 - $50 and isn't garunteed to get the money back.

    All banks can attempt recalls. I think westpacs charge is about $50.

  3. Ok, silly Q I 'need' to ask: how do you know it won't? :-k

  4. If you can't get the bank to get your money back why can't you just go to the cops? Its a crime. You have his bank account details.
  5. Coz after I told the guy I deposited it, he stopped responding to my emails.
  6. Thanks for that I will attempt a recall. :]

  7. Np,
    Banks have a lot of red tape with recalls.
    Once the money leaves your account it's not yours, it's the other persons.
    So with getting it back through a bank, your bank has to contact theres (usually by fax) then they have to get authorisation to have the funds returned.

    At the bank I work for it's 1 fax every fortnight, 3 requests in total.

    Failing that you have to take legal action. Basically, I paid for this and seller didn't didn't follow through with transaction.

    Pretty much a small claims court thing
  8. Okies.. just did a recall, cost $35... so I either get the $400 back or lose an extra $35.... sounds okay to me. :p
    The consultant says that they will advice me what to do if this happens (no funds in the other account.)

    Also I dunno if I can go to the cops for this as it may not be their jurisdiction? (Vic vs SA?)
    Might have to have a look at what's happening or get advice if this happens...
  9. If he's a dodgy scumbag then he's probably withdrawn the money already or more likely using the account as a clearing account, ie transfering the funds to another personal accumulation account.

    Hopefully you get your money back, good luck to you.
  10. let me be the first to say You shouldn't have.. :LOL: :LOL:
  11. If a crime has been committed then call the police and report it.
  12. Who won't do anything.
    It's only a crime if you can prove they have no intention of sending the phone - until then it's a matter for the ACCC (since it's interstate).
  13. The same thing happened to my nephew....he went to the police and they did help. He eventually got his phone.
  14. Did the seller get charged with anything, or get forced to cease trading?
  15. What part of Adelaide did the seller live?