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A little Drop - how stupid I felt

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Dropped my bike yesterday at a stop sign. Fark I felt stupid having to pick it up.

    Pulling up to the stop sign I think i put my leg out a little early and that caused me to leaned the bike a bit. I was at a stop and couldnt get a grip with my leg. Over she fell. Thankfully there was basically no scratching other then a slightly bent heel shifter which i had to bend back into shape to be able to change gears again, still not 100% fixed yet, need a mate to help me with that one.

    It was blowing a gail yesterday afternoon and upon heading out of my street I was just going to go around the block and head straight back... not blaming the wind for the drop but i think it did contributed a little as balancing the bike around a corner was a struggle.

    Lesson: If the trees are moving that much, stay in doors for now. Dont put that foot out too early and don't lean the bike as you stop.

    Very dissappointed with myself. And now not feeling 100% confident to head back out on it today.

  2. What bike are you riding?
    Yeah, moments like that can be a trifle :oops:
    Don't stress, a bruised ego heals quickly, so I'm told. :p
  3. Yamaha XVS650. Ego wasn't too brusied.. more just pissed at myself because I have been handling the bike really well (which i was unsure about when i purchased so gained a heap of confidence) and also had been gaining confidence over the week and had just started to ride it in light traffic.
  4. Don't let the wind scare you, worry about branches and debris but learning to ride with wind will only make you a better rider.. (and its fun going straight leaning)
  5. Yeah i reckon i will get to like it.. but riding less then 7 days.... not quite ready for that.. i am still gaining confidence on the road...
  6. I can truly appreciate your situation given the first thing I did was drop my new bike the day after I got it!! My ego was bruised as I'd swore I wouldn't drop my bike, but shite happens :wink:
    Maybe consider Oggy Knobs if you don't have them... experienced or beginner doesn't really matter, good protection (I've dropped mine twice, the second time was to test my oggy's :roll: :LOL: :LOL: )
  7. Ok mate, well that gets that out of the way. Now you can enjoy it even more than before!
  8. If the steering is straight and it's not scratched you got off easy :)
  9. What kind of boots were you wearing and was there a black patch where you put your foot down?
    Some boots don't give any grip at all on an oily patch, and your foot will just slide out before you know it. There's often lots of built up, spilt oil at an intersection right in the middle of the lane. I usually stick to one side of the lane to avoid putting my boot on the oily bit.
  10. Don't castigate yourself too much. I did a stupid thing when I first got my bike and being a complete novice. My bike is a Virago 250 and I was going down hill on a dirt road and was slowing down for a bend and put the front brake on and over she went and the brake pedal went straight thru my jeans and into my leg. I wasn't wearing correct riding boots at the time. Well my leg came up immediately and later I got Golden Staph in it. So my motto is : Brain into gear before bike into gear. I have never forgotten the experience and I learned heaps from that stupid mishap. I found it perplexing when I was learning on deciding when to use the front and back brakes. It was so confusing to me. The accident happened on April 1 so I can't forget it. More fool me. I have a lovely scar on my leg as a constant reminder of my stupidity :LOL: Maybe I will get a tat over it!
  11. Get a tatt.. tatts are hot!

    I have no issue making mistakes.. as long as i dont make the same mistake twice...

    I have gone for another couple of rides... i seem to have loss confidence in cornering though .. i am now concerned at slow speeds im going to drop the bike going around a corner even though i dropped it at a stand still, i dont seem to want to lean the bike as much... im sure its just more time to build the confidence back up...
  12. hey man - it happens

    i dropped my GN in the garage yesterday mucking around.

    didnt even rush to turn the key off.

    then i was checking the oil. i had 200ml in the engine when i should have had 1300ml.

    things is this bike gets thrashed by me and a few mates (+ the learning gf)
    and it just keeps going and going :)

    good times.
  13. Don't feel bad. I dropped my bike today too and am so pissed off with myself because I haven't done that for months and thought I was "past it". I guess it just goes to show that we always have to be alert to things going wrong. I'm even more pissed off because I think I talked myself into it. Once a week I ride from Footscray up to the Dandenongs for work, which is great experience as I get to do a hairpin bend on the way. However today as I was leaving and riding down my bosses street to the main road I thought " this is really the most challenging part of the whole (50km) ride, because it's a steep street with a bend, lots of obscured driveways and always heaps of leaves/sticks and shit on the road then a stop sign at the bottom of the steep hill." So what do I do when I get to the stop sign, not quite sure, but think I looked down (I should know better) and over it went. Thank God there was no-one around to witness this ignominious event! I hit the kill switch and managed to pick it up so fast that it still started straight away. Luckily didn't do any damage. Just shows I mustn't get complacent......
  14. Ive been riding for like 7yrs and last weekend aaaaaalmost dropped it at the traffic lights. Lights turned to green, preparing to turn right, in the middle of the turn when i was leaning, I stalled it :roll:

    Luckily a quick assist from my right leg i managed to support the bike, restarted the bike, then off my way [phew...].