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A little Dilemma regarding bike choice ..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Just after a little advice guys...
    As some of you may know, my choice of a dual purpose bike was initially one made because I was undecided as to what kind of riding I would be doing most of. ( eg Dirt vs Bitumen ).
    Bitumen won out not long after I got my learners and begun riding on the road. So here I am licenced, riding my SL250 ( road trail ), thinking that perhaps next year, I'd get myself a 'sports bike' ie 600 Hornet etc .. ( yep I am vertically challenged ).
    Well today, a mate of mine from Dandy Motorcycles, drags me over to check out a kawasaki ZR250 ( Balius ), seeing as I mentioned my intention to get a 'road' bike. He gets me to ride it up and down the laneway... well :shock:
    It was like I'd never ridden .. I mean it was so different, the way you leaned over the front, the way the handlebars were lower, shorter, the turning circle. I was actually a little afraid I'd drop it.

    My dilemma is this ... should I continue riding my SL250, then jump on a 600cc hornet in 12 mths , or switch to a sports type bike now eg. ZR250 , 250 Hornet etc ... so that I'd be comfy with the style of bike by the time I graduate to a 600cc sports.

    :? :?

  2. Go the zr250 if you like it, plus it'll give you a better idea of weather you want a similar style of 600 or maybe it might make you want something different.
  3. It's a lot of money to spend (okay if you've got it) to buy a bike now and another in twelve months. Besides, with any luck the new 2007 Hornet 600 will be available then (lust and covet).
  4. a cheaper alternative is to do the hart intermediate course on a 600 hornet towards the end of your 12 months. they might even have the new hornet by this time next year. then you can do practice sessions on the 600 as well.
  5. I would move to a cheap 250 supersport style bike and if you like it in 6 months then move up
  6. I wouldnt be too worried about the different feel of the ZR250 and your current bike.

    Swapping between different styles of bikes will feel a bit strange for a while, but you should get used to it fairly quickly,

    If you arent going to use the dual purpose capabilities of your current bike, you could swap to a 250 road bike now. I would only do this if you could do this as a straight swap, or only spending a few hundred dollars.

    Otherwise wait until your upgrade, you will get used to the feel of thenew bike quickly enough
  7. Thanks for your input Guys...
    I couldnt afford a new hornet , but I figure I'd sell mine and buy a 95 - 2000 model 250 sports with only having to put in perhaps $500-$1000.
    Then in 12 mths upgrade to a 600cc. Call me impatient, but I really wanna start getting used to the feel of a sports bike soon.
  8. i don't think hornet is a sport bike
  9. Compared to the SL it is ;)
  10. i don't see much of a difference in seating posture
    both upright. it will be a major different for a cbr600

    my suggestion is to try sit on a hornet 600 and if you really wanna 'learn' on a similar 250, then find one with similar sitting position
  11. You'll have to forgive me, being a newbie :p I guess the hornet may be closer what I am used to ( seating posture ) than a ZR250 and especially a CBR.
    I guess I'll play it by ear, If a bargain comes along for a hornet or similar .. I'll snap it up, otherwise will wait till I am off my restrictions and get a 600.

    PS: Could someone please point out the obvious distinctions between the diff bikes. ( eg. Sports/Supersports/Enduro/Tourer/Cruiser and whatever else there is .. I am confused )
  12. I used to ride an SL 250 mostly on the dirt and have switched to a GPX 250.

    The seat position on a road bike is totally different, and yes, the handlebars differences are interesting (full lock on a road bike has such a small range !!!)

    The weight difference was huge as well.

    Have fun with whatever path you go down....!
  13. Half the fun of ugrading is riding a completely different bike!!

    Stick with what ya got imho. Or dont. Your choice.
  14. This is why I bought the Multistrada. Upright position with Enduro style riding, but still a capable sports bike. I don't like to be leaning way over the front wheel, and having such a small lock to lock steering range.

    Go test ride a few bikes of different styles, or rent a few. Try the V-strom and similar. There are plenty of bikes that come no where near a cafe racer seating and riding style.

    BTW: No, I'm not going to point out the obvious distinctions between the diff bikes. ( eg. Sports/Supersports/Enduro/Tourer/Cruiser ), but if you go to any (or all) motorcyle sites on the web you will soon see the difference. A little research time VCM :!:

    Better still, get along to the Motorcycle Expo in Melbourne this weekend and ask everyone on every stand :cool:
  15. CB250 Hornet

    Thanks for the input guys...
    I have just about decided to upgrade ... more than likely a CB250 Hornet.
    ok ... I hear u guys >>> " that aint no upgrade!" :LOL: .. but remember I'm riding an SL250 :p
    I am unwilling to wait 11 months before I get on a naked/sports.
    I was almost going to go 600 hornet, but am not willing to take the chance ( or be that stupid ) , in getting a 600 before my 260cc restriction is over. Ive heard insurances becoming invalid etc .. :shock:

    Just hoping I wont outgrow it too quickly .. I am not after a SPEED MACHINE, Just something quick enough and something I can put my wife on the back of on those sunday trips ( after my restrictions are up of course ) :roll:
  16. I think a Hornet 250 will keep you interested for a while,

    but you could get a VTR250, there are a few of them for sale atm,

    I think they would fit your criteria nicely
  17. The Hornet is a great bike BUT if you want to stay with a similar style of seating position that you're used to perhaps try riding a Suzuki V-Strom 650. (They also sound terrific with an aftermarket exhaust)