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A little cruise along the macdonald river

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by bonox, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. So, after making a quick decision to play hookie, and a bunch of lovely chaps on advrider who'll beat you senseless if you post a new bike report but no ride reports, I decided to take a cruise.

    First stop was the not quite so local dealer, where I returned the panniers they lend me since mine have been on order since May! Thanks TT. Ran into ADV1? in the lot - thanks for introducing yerself mate :) Hands up if you recognise this one.


    A little side story here is a bloke who looked to be in his 70's brought his bike in for a service and when they copied his license for the loan bike, noticed it expired 9 months ago. (really hard to have it renewed at that point, so he may have to go back and do his leaners course again!). Anywhoo, time for some fun.

    Heading out to bucketty (Mogo Creek road) you can find yourself some nice graded bits of dirt on the way.


    It started to rain at this point which brought the fun level up a bit, and the humidity (air temp was 31 degrees according to the bike and my lily white arse). Pushing on through the old convict trail you could try a few fun side trails


    or get stuck on a cliff after investigating 'that interesting thing over there'. The place has recovered nicely after a few fires a few years ago.


    A beautiful dirt road gives young bonox plenty of opportunity to practice plodding around corners on his new bike. The footpegs are eating my road boots - anyone know if the peg rubbers from the 12GS fit in the slots for the Adv?



    brings you into the hamlet of St Albans, where you can stop at the pub for a nice lunch


    and be reproached by the locals for having too much fun on a work day


    Make a quick break for the bridge

    (i've finally found a camera I can use with my gloves on and stores in the front pocket of a rallye)

    and head right to upper macdonald (sounds like a farm doesn't it! - most of it is, and full of unsual tree plantations that the goats like to hide under)


    This gratuitous pic is here because i've always wanted one with a bike sitting on a wooden bridge.


    Follow the sand, err river, is a reminder of how hot and dry this country is.


    Two tractors :p


    I'd kill for a shed at home, even if it looked like this!


    Come home using the ferries - need a big snorkel to ford this river!


    back into civilisation and home.


    Thanks for watching.
  2. Great stuff bonox - fantastic pics

    And so I take it you are happy with the 1200GSA?
  3. happy?

    outstanding, wonderful machine, if a little heavy to move around in sand.