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A little closer to explaining the primordial soup

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TarmacSamurai, May 17, 2009.

  1. wow although im not that interested.... i know some professors that would be. your not in the scientific industry are you
  2. Interesting...

    Might have a go at it on Monday
  3. well if you take the christian view on things, their devil will soon be used to explain more things than their god will :LOL:

    but on the topic, its always enlightening to know that the universe is predisposed to give rise to conscious systems through natural processes
  4. The closest I get is writing science fiction!

    But this stuff just fascinates me.
  5. Is this the implication of that article? Why couldn't they just spell that out for non-biologists such as myself?! Scientists :roll:
  6. Well that was an interesting read. I have been waiting for some results regarding the chemical soup bowl from the early stages of Earth. Have stopped waiting as soon as I finished uni and now I have an answer :D.

    As much as this is just an experiment that still can't justify the Origin of Life, it is interesting and a step closer to knowing how we all came about.

    Now I want to see the RNA replicate and then produce some random life form in the next 30 years :D...that would be an eye opener for everyone.

    phong =P~
  7. Guys you are ALL wrong
    It is the BANANA
    The BANANA is the origin of all life[/b]
  8. You're wrong. Peanut butter is the true origin of all life.
  9. The implication is that this is the first step to DNA in a pot.

    They are trying to prove that life on earth may have started from a "soup" of random stuff, that just happened to combine into enough organic matter that life may have been created from it by some sort of random or accident.

    Thats the easiest way of looking at it. I don't have a position or opinion on it, but happy to try and help decipher.
  10. Ahhhh. Cheers! :)

  11. That's a rather tasteless attempt at humour, the poor bloke would have been in complete agony before expiring yet you choose it as a joke in your attempt to debunk evolution.
    Shame. :roll:
  12. "Nurse, sense of humor transfusion needed in Ward Four"
  13. Seriously there is nothing funny in an industrial accident.
    Especially one that was this horrific.
    It's not like the guy was an idiot and deserved to die is it?
    Your mockery of this thread and using that as an example says more about you than anything else.
    Some Holy man you are mate :roll:
  14. the leger of tasteless and downright rude remarks to which I have been subjected when discussing this subject is so far balanced in your favour that I could not now catch up if I posted 50 such posts per day

    kettle, meet pot, as you are sometimes known to say
  15. I don't use other people's horrific misfortunes as an attempt for humour.
    You still can't see past your nose can you?
  16. +1

    My work place is often inside pressure equipment. I was horrified reading that article. What short circuit caused you post that up as humour :roll:

    You're losing it Hornet.
  17. Oh come now. Hornet has hardly used that piece of news to debunk evolution. It's simply off-topic... and a little 'off' in general.

    That poor guy would have died in screaming agony :( That would be like being burnt alive, but without the welcome relief of suffocation.
    I'm struggling to think of anything worse.
  18. +1