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A Little bit of The Great Ocean Rd

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Pompy, Feb 27, 2016.

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  2. Yeah, nice vid........................... but where's the fun in that??
  3. The fun bits are all just memories now..........
  4. Lol, never mate, never, That's why we do it again tomorrow.................
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  5. LionzLionz yeah your right!!!!!
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  6. I'm just going through the footage of me riding the lavers hill section with rain dripping off everything, I remember while riding that I was thinking it was like a boys own adventure, I was wet and cold, but, would not have wanted to be elsewhere!!!!
  7. Sweet! Nothing better than getting round a tight corner with rain washing across in an unexpected stream thinking "how the fcuk did i do that?". Gotta keep you juvenile (y)
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