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A little bit of snow (pic)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by junglist, May 18, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    And here I was thinking it was cold on Sunday night riding back from Sydney...

    It certainly was no tunnel of ice.

  2. Why is the date on the pic from 2006?
  3. Probably because that could be when it was taken.
    Just a guess
  4. I think the date resets on alot of cameras when you change the batterys.

    Also, aweomse!
  5. Oh wow, where and when was this taken?

    That would have been amazing!
  6. i always knew the great wall of china was for bikes
  7. chains... bah....
    must have been a good year in 06.. where ever that was
  8. I drove through walls of snow like that in the States back in 2001. Driving from Death Valley (!) up into the Sierras.

    Driving at night was a very eerie experience. The snow plough had been through a couple of hours before so the road was completely clear but with three metre high walls of snow either side. (Very like the photo) It was a totally clear night with a full moon and you could see for miles on the straight bits.

    Very strange experience.
  9. fun isnt it... like the pre-global warming days down here..
  10. hrmmm... no road salt & a dry road which means its cold (like -5 and below).

    where was this taken? The guy is on the left side of the road so I'm stumped.

  11. Japan!

    Its likely it was from '06. I discovered it on a dude's motorcycling blog which I cant remember the link or how I got there. Also, it was all in Japanese, which I can only barely make sense of.

    I've never imagined this kind of thing existed. especially with such a dry road. it would make cornering fairly interesting, and i can't help but wonder how hard it is in the case of an impact...
  12. Dunno. Gotta be better than those bloody wire-rope barriers though.

    Crazy picture...not sure I'd be game to stick a hand out, knowing my luck it'd collapse and clean me up.

    Cheers - boingk
  13. quite concrete..
  14. LoL that's awesome!
  15. Pffft, on a decent season Mt Hotham gets snow drifts like that on road just before you come into Village before road runner tunnel. This was 04 season I think?
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    Japan! I thought the guy looked asian. that's awesome.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that would be hardpack. Anything that sticks around too long gets pretty hard. The first layer would be a mix of ice and snow. I think you'd bounce off it more than go into it. but who knows...

    In other news: Ice Racing! [media=youtube]qwXaVxEahxY[/media]