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a little bit of power

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, May 2, 2006.

  1. ...A bit of Horsepower goes along way...

    I had the pleasure of riding a loner bike yesterday, since mine was in for a service.
    A Honda 250 (SR? I think)

    It's not a hack, is well maintained, and comfy (relatively)...

    So, I found myself filtering through to the start line at the traffic lights on Dandenong road...gave it a bit of a rev, and drove off when the lights changed, fully expecting to be way ahead of the traffic, when the traffic wizzed passed me on both sides!...EURGH!...
    Next set of lights and I swore THAT was'nt gonna happen again, so I gave it good rev and took off more or less flat stick....only to be passed by the line of cars both sides of me again...EEEK!...how demoralizing...

    Anyways...I'm thinking this is positively UNSAFE!!...cars at close quarters moving past me on both sides...Bikes this size should'nt be trying to negotiate peek hour traffic...let me the heck outa here!!...

    The rest of the day I forgot all about lane splitting and just sat in the traffic. (groan)

    I'm back on my own bike this morning - what a joy to leave it all behind me, and be well in the clear by the time I get to the other side of the intersection...

    ...there's A LOT to be said for a bit of horsepower...phew!
  2. Welcome to my world :p :p :)
  3. You sure you weren't on the Albert Park raceway? :LOL:

    Cos hasn't happened to me when i've been trying :?
  4. :) I think your Virago would kill that thing.. :)
  5. I wanna a big boy's bike now!!! :mad:

    Yep LAMs is the way to go, not before I sell my 250 though :twisted:
  6. The 250cc rule is a joke, it results in learners riding gaspy inline 4's that have got nothing below 8 grand on the tacho so they can get some inflated power figure at the top of the rev range.

    It's positively dangerous, you've got nothing on tap to get you out of trouble or move away from the traffic. Scooters get off more quickly from the lights.

    Granted, it teaches learners how to work a gearbox (you've got bugger-all overtaking power if you don't) and slip a clutch... But no doubt it turns people away from riding because the bikes are too hard to ride, you feel unsafe in traffic, and you don't realise how easy life can be on a gruntier machine.

    Bring on LAMS in Victoria - but bring it on once Cheng's done with her Across... ;)
  7. Could'nt agree more, Loz.
  8. Yeah some version of LAMs was always going to be a better idea. Just shows pollies have no clue really.
  9. I've ridden VTR250's and didn't have those issues. Really quick to legal + speeds, just not much at 110kmh. What Honda was it? The CB250 is just slooooow. The CBR's are rocket ships if you're prepared to cane the arse off them.
  10. My old VT250 was never that bad. Only half the cars could do that to me :p
  11. It was a 250 "SR", I think...
    I've ridden other 250's that were much better, but if anyone has a "slow" 250, they are at risk of getting run over, IMHO.

    If a little power is believed to be too much for a "beginner" to biking, to handle, then they need to improve the "L"'s course level of training, so that new riders ARE able to handle a little power...

    Not meaning to sound opinionated...I was just a little shocked at the lack of power for that particular bike, and how vulnerable that had me feeling.
  12. Jeepers John
    You were on a lemon. No way would the traffic get near me . Even Doms cruiser 250 leaves the traffic . It was a lemon.
  13. yep i know the feeling, when my bike was in getting a service i got a sr250 yammy for the day too..... and completely agree, never thought my zzr being underpowered again (well for the rest of that day anyway ;))

    if you can't picturer then they look and go like a postie bike! :shock: :wink:
  14. clearly I'm getting serviced at the wrong place. I get magazines and coffee but no loaners.
  15. loan bikes are rubbish, not well maintained...always given heaps by riders who come off bigger bikes..most bike shop don't have loan bikes...
    what do you expect, its not like you have put a 80 thousand dollar car in for a service.....
  16. I'm not expecting anything...I was merely pointing out that low horsepower machines are a bit of a danger in heavy traffic IMHO.
    The loan bike was NOT rubbish, and WAS well maintained, and ran fine...it was just very underpowered, even by other 250cc standards, and that felt dangerous in traffic.

    Dunno what cars have got to do with anything..
  17. Do you reckon that they have governed the loaner so they can't be pushed to hard? Maybe they make it so you can't get full throttle.
  18. i never had a problem getting away from traffic on a zzr250, except for the occasional driver who put the foot down...

    i admit i didnt enjoy riding a 250 for very long though :)
  19. There are a couple of SR250's on these forums, and I've had the pleasure of riding with them... and my observation was that they are underpowered as far as 250's go...

    Most 250's are better specc'd than the SR's and can get away and filter from traffic rather well if you're prepared to twist the wrist.

    Still give me power any day. :cool:
  20. people aren't saying that the zzr/cbr/gpx/vtr or those types of bikes have much trouble getting away from traffic (for the size they are), the comparasion was between the sr250 which after riding both my zzr and the sr250, it did feel very underpowered by 250 standards. :)