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A little advice from someone who is a spot of trouble...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Scorpious31, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. A little advice from someone who is a spot of trouble...

    "Make sure you have all insurances covered" Since I was knocked off..https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=486548#486548..
    I have been getting my wages from what I thought was the Insurance Commission via Third Party .. WRONG ..I was actually getting paid with my annual leave and sick leave entitlements.They are now exhausted and I find I have no more cash.

    The Insurance Commission will payout for loss of earnings after a lenghty leagal case which could take 3 years and thts is if liability is taken,so my soilicitor says.

    Centrelink want me to jump through hoops and fill out a mountain of papers to be able to get sickness/injury payments and as far as I can tell will ask for it to be paid back once the legal case is finalised.

    I have been looking into my Superannuation and there looks to be an Income protection Policy there so hopefully that will pan out in my favour but hat can take 60 days from thre time of the accident.Fortuntely for us that time is well over but still the process will take time.

    My wife is haveing to look for a job as we need it now and she hasn't worked since a teen/very early 20 y/o.She needs to be available to collect our Daughter incase of a seizure so being close to home/school is paramount and the fact she has no licence due to being Epileptic herself is a problem.

    I guess what I am saying is FFS make sure you know your cover and are adequately covered for all possible things.

    I have found all this out in the last 3 days and me heads spinnin
  2. That's a shit roll of the dice mate, I hope things take a turn for the better.
  3. Sorry to hear of the problems you are having, but can I please recommend you talk to these guys? http://www.stephenbrowne.com.au/

    They did a superb job for me after my big accident in 2002, they got me a seriously good payout, and were great to work with all along. The system is pretty f&%ked sure, but these guys know how to play that system well. It did take two and a half years , but the result made me a very happy bunny...
  4. Sorry to read about that scorpious :cry:

    But you're absolutely right, if you ride a bike, you NEED insurance. Factor it into the real costs, just like a helmet, boots, gloves etc.

    All insurance companies will try and get out of paying if they can, uninsured riders/drivers are in the firing line straight away. It's especially hard if the other parties are also uninsured.

    I've signed up for the income insurance (via Superannuation) as well, luckily its a pre tax salary sacrifice arrangement, so it really cost me nothing.

    Hope it all works out bloke.

  5. jeez, mate, there ought to be some public advocate who can advise you/help with this stupid situation??? And since when does Third Party insurance dip into YOUR entitlements to pay you???? That just stinks.
  6. Mate that is just the way it works, but its not as bad as it seems, the period you cover with your sick leave and holiday pay should be re-paid in the final settlement, mine was. Centerlink sickness benefit does have to be paid back, but again, only after it is first added to the settlement.
  7. Sucks big time Scorp, but yep ya gotta have very good insurance cover. I sat down and got mine sorted out a few weeks ago and feel a lot better for it.

    Don't let the bastards get you down.
  8. Thanks everyone... Inci..I have got Representation from Slater & Gordon ,they are the company my Union use and I have used them before ( I am a Shop Steward) with good results.

    Third party from what I am seeing pays for medical procedures,hospital stays,doctors visits,physio ect

    It will all be repaid at the end of the case,the part I find irritating is I didnt know this until 3 days ago.
    The other problem will be when I am back working I will have no leave entitlements to fall back on if illness arises either with me or the family so in effect I will have a payout in years to come but have to work at getting my entitlements back.
    I always keep plenty of time off up my sleeve incase I have to take it off if the kids or wife need me at home.
  9. Hey there Shaun.
    That sucks. Sorry to hear that you are still suffering repercussions from the accident.
  10. hey scorp....take care.....sorry to hear bout ur bad news.
  11. TAC should pick up wages & medical expenses unless you were a) unlicenced b) unregistered or c) off road! Get good legal advice immediately!
  12. He is in WA, i.e. no TAC. The WA equivalent is the SIC which he mentioned in his OP.
  13. Bugger Scorpious, not good news for you. Hope it all works out in the end, unfortunately it looks like that will be down the track a bit though :cry:
  14. for all the n00bs like myself out there,

    insurances checklist includes?

    - private health
    - perm disability
    - income protection

  15. Centrelink payments for injury and illness are approx $379 a F/N for each person in a family of 4 injured(working adults).My mortgage is not much less than that a F/N so ya gotta laugh at that.

    Income protection varies from case to case and I have spent the last 3 hours minimum today filling out some of the form required.

    From how I see it ..

    Health Insurance.. good but not totally necessary, if injured its best to use the sysytem, a private Dr is harder to get in an emergency(I was told that by the first attending Dr).
    Total and Permanent disability (TPD)..a must.
    Death Cover.. a must.
    Income Protection.. a must
    A last will and testament.. a must (seen a friend suffer because her hubby didnt have one when he had an accident and passed away)
    Fully Comp Vehicle insurance .. a must
    Gear and accessories insurance... a must ( mine wasn't and I thought it was with the vehicle).

    Remember I am not holding a gun to your head or calling you names if you dont get this its your choice.This is all from my own personal experience of things happening to me and others and you did ask for advice.

    If anyone else can think of something I have not listed please do ,it will help me and others in the future.
  16. last time for me yes... single male no rent living with parent.

    this time it's 430 a f/n because my payslips increased.
  17. Realy sorry to hear about this, i hope it works out well and in your favour.
    Good Luck
  18. Finally things seem to be happening ...

    Centrelink have said and I have the letter of confirmation saying so that I will be recieving injury allowance payments (about bloody time). My wife has got a follow up interview for employment at night time so when I do go back to work she can still work and I can look aftert he kids.

    funny thing is I am setting a target and have told the Drs I will be going back to work fit or not at the end of the month so intense physio is the go.

    Income protection is a joke, There will be about another 30 days of processing before they decide whether to pay me,if they do I hope its back paid.

    I find it ridiculous the amount of hoops and paper work injured /sick people have to go through just to survive, but then again I am not really that surprised when there are so many out there ripping the system off and making it so hard for legit people to claim.
  19. I have a TDP and Death policy through work - many people do.

    You also have TPD and Death covered through your Rego Third Party Insurance.

    I have $120k worth of mortgage insurance - I told them I wouldnt need any more for the above reasons. Plus of course I've been in my company for a long time and have long service, about 17 weeks of sick leave etc etc etc.

    The changes to public sector workers insurance thanks to the Howard government mean that we are no longer covered with workers comp if knocked off on the way to or from work. If you didnt know this only changed LAST FRIDAY 13th April 2007.

    If you need any info about it because you are a public sector emplyee let me know.

    This has only recently changed although most bosses have told their employees for years that they were not covered.
  20. does this apply to federal public servants? or to state ones as well?