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A list of films with motorbikes (have I missed any?)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAX123, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Angel's Wild Women
    Stranger, The
    Bury Me an Angel
    Alice's Restaurant
    An Officer and a Gentleman
    Angels from Hell
    Another 48 Hours (Murphy & Nolte vs. 2 bad bikers)
    Any Which Way You Can
    Beyond the Law (Charlie Sheen)
    Big Hauss, Little Faulsey (Redford)
    Bike Boys (Brit version of The Wild One)
    Biker Boyz
    Biker Chicks in Zombietown
    Billy Jack
    Black Rain
    Blade 3
    Boris and Natasha (chase scene with Norton Commando w/ sidecar)
    Born Loser (first of the Billy Jack series)
    Born To Ride (John Stamos from Full House)
    Breaking Away
    Bunny O'Hare
    Bye Bye Birdie
    CC and Company
    Cat & Mouse
    Cat in the Hat (must have an Indian Chief in it somewhere)
    Chill Factor (French, short scene)
    Chopper chicks in zombie town
    Chrome Soldiers
    Collateral Damage (End scene has some sort of sportbike, CBR I think).
    Cool As Ice (Rap star Vanilla Ice showing off on his GSXR (sucks))
    Crime and Hot Leather
    Cycle Savages
    Cyclone (Heather Locklear)
    Days Of Thunder (auto-racing mainly, but some MC action)
    Delta Force (?)
    Dhoom 2
    Don't Tell Her It's Me (Steve Gutenberg plays a biker in a few scenes)
    Easy Rider
    Easy Wheels (Paul leMat-the hot rod guy in American Graffiti, Eileen Davidson)
    Eat the Peach
    Electra Glide in Blue
    Equilibrium (Apparently in the future only old BMWs will still be running)
    Evel Knievel
    Every Which Way But Loose
    Fast and the Furious
    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Bikes that make HDs look like a Huffy)
    For You Eyes Only (007 - snow chase scene)
    Free bird
    Girl on a Motorcycle
    Glory Stompers, The
    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
    Havoc series
    Hell's Angel's '69 (Oakland chapter members stared in this one)
    Hell's Angels Forever (documentary)
    Hell's Angels on Wheels
    Hell's Belles
    Hellcats (bad girls on bikes, ca. '65)
    I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle (fun, possibly UK only)
    Into the sun (segal in japan)
    Is it really you? (?)
    Italian Job, the
    Knight Riders (silly, tons of action, mc jousting)
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Lethal Weapon III
    Little Foss and Big Halsey (maybe Fauss, Halsy?)
    Lawnmower Man (virtual reality cycles)
    Losers, The
    Mad Girls, Bad Girls (?)
    Mad Max
    Masters of Menace (funny, John Candy, Jim Belushi, Cathy Bach)
    Matrix II
    Motor Psycho
    MI 2
    Naked Angels, The
    No Limit
    On Any Sunday
    On Any Sunday 2 (more up to date sequel of OAS (must see)
    Pink Angels (homosexuals travelling across country as bikers)
    Pumpkinhead (bad "B" movie)
    Purple Rain
    Quadrophenia (great ugly mod scooters from hell)
    Race For Glory (Two brothers field homebuilt GP roadracer (good for hardcore racefans)
    Rambo First blood
    Raising Arizona (prototypical DoDer Biker from Hell)
    Rebel Rousers
    Road Dogs (also known as Road Kings “boyz n the Hood on bikesâ€)
    Road Warrior
    Roadside Prophets
    Rogue Assassin (also called WAR)
    Running Cool
    Satan's Sadists
    Scanners II
    She Devils on Wheels
    Sidecar Racers
    Silver Dream Racer
    Stone Cold
    Take It to the Limit (very similar to On Any Sunday -- Has lots of mcy action and a segment on Arlo Guthrie and his motorcyle song.)
    Taxi (its got a scooter, but some say Très belle musique, rien a ajouter :)
    Terminator (Big Arnie rides a HD in all 3 films)
    The Motorcycle Diaries (obviously)
    Girl on the Motorcycle, The (French)
    Great Escape, The
    Gumball Rally, The
    Hills have Eyes 2, The (motorcross bikies get slaughtered when they take the wrong turn through a deserted bombing range. Great fun. Check out the "nitrous like" fuel mixture they use.)
    Knack and How to Get It, The
    Leather Boys, The (English)
    Loveless, The (great, Willem Dafoe and Robert Gordon)
    Mechanic, The (Charles Bronson & his Husky)
    Messengers, The
    Miniskirt Mob, The
    Mouse and the Motorcycle, The (British)
    Then Came Bronson
    Time Rider (time warp swallows MX rider (saw in video store)
    Top Gun (Tom Cruise makes Ninjas briefly famous)
    Twist of the Wrist
    Ultraviolet (BMW with anti-gravity abilities)
    V-Four Victory
    Vanishing Point
    Viva Knievel
    Weird Science (R100LT has a bit part)
    Wild Angels (Dern and Fonda)
    Wild Rebels
    Wild Hogs
    Wild One, The
    Worlds Fastest Indian

  2. Matrix II
    Wild Hogs
    Fast and the Furious
    Worlds Fastest Indian
  3. Ultraviolet (BMW with anti-gravity abilities)
    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Bikes that make HDs look like a Huffy)
    The Motorcycle Diaries (obviously)
    Equilibrium (Apparently in the future only old BMWs will still be running)
    Cat in the Hat (must have an Indian Chief in it somewhere - I saw it for sale)
  4. All of the Terminator movies feature motorcycles heavily.
  5. thanx Flux and JD

    your films have been added to the list
  6. You missed the ones I added after my original post ;).

    Probably think of more as the day goes on, in fact just remembered:
    Collateral Damage (End scene has some sort of sportbike, CBR I think).
    Taxi (French film) - has some cool scooter riding during the opening sequence, the rest is focused on cars. Avoid the American remake of the film at all cost (as is usually the case whenever Americans try to copy French films).
  7. no scooter movies JD :LOL:
  8. Rambo (the first one) has a cool dirt bike/cop car chase scene near the start of the movie.
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  10. Blade 3.

    and of course the greatest stoner movie of all time

  11. #12 TAX123, Feb 12, 2009
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    thanks for that will add it first blood

    who whatched the last episode of long way down in south africa?

    check out this scene from cool as ice, with vanilla ice (the ice ice baby man) on his bike a gixxer :LOL: classic


  12. Paycheck - awful film, shameless BMW product placement (though no idea why they'd want to encourage the belief that an R1150R can't outrun a car in traffic).
  13. gromit
    silver dream racer was on the list but thanks for the other two purple rain how could i miss that

    Très belle musique, rien a ajouter :)
  14. Transformers
  15. the motorbike transformer is a Buell and its pink and its female i think!

  16. Rogue Assassin
  17. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    Beach Blanket Bingo
  18. Faster

    Doctor, Tornado & the Kentucky Kid
  19. God you drawing a long bow here :shock: every movie with a bike :shock: must be thousands.
    One of James Bonds-Tommorow never dies :-k ??? has chase scene along rooftops and such on a Beemer cruiser-R1200C, in true Bond fashion which is about as realistic or convincing as Prince or that jarhead hack Vanilla ice being regular bike riders :jerk:
    Its the one where J.B. and that chick from Crouching tiger hidden dragon(Michelle Yeoh) who is the chinese agent jumps on backwards and they take a handlebar each then turn the town into a motocross track :roll:




    Then theres some movie that I forget title with Keifer Sutherland playing FBI agent chasing and old hippy Dennis Hopper, where in the end he buys an old CB1100R and last scene is him riding across America.

    Quick scene of a bike riding across desert in 'Even cowgirls get the blues' while the KD lang song 'Movin' plays in the backgraound, funnily nuff where I derive my handle from :grin:

    Similar small clip on old indie film with a young Keanu Reeves dinking a now dead River Phoenix.

    Charlies Angels full throttle, talking tough titties with Pink.

    Kill Bill with Uma in her funky yellow leathers

    Grindhouse;Planet terror.

    Man if you doing just a bike in flick, 8-[ this gonna be a looooong list.