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a lil excited....

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by mischiefmaka, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Last week i ordered some double T drag bars and kuryakyn grips from the states ( first Over seas purchase) ...The difference these bars make to the look and feel of the bike is amazing!

    Will post pics once they arrive and have been fitted.

    After this mod... dare i say, Im almost finished tweaking? Nahhhh im sure ill find something else to mess with ;)

  2. They wont fit :p
  3. LOL Cheffie palm to face palm to face :p
  4. I've discovered the joys of US sites and what I can do to my bike as a result (addictive) Hasn't been very beneficial to my finances though, but a girls' got to have a good lookin' bike to ride. Can you post pics when its all set up?
  5. Lol I hear ya Elf...
    With the dollar on par with the US Dollar it made it a no brainer atm and shipping was only $60 so i couldnt biatch about that.
    17th they are due to arrive, have Metallica gig on the 20th so probably wont be functioning too brightly after that haha Hope to have them on by the following weekend tho for sure ;)
    and will certainly post the pics ;)
  6. I'm currently waiting on leather studded handlebar covers (just cant wait for them to arrive), large saddlebags for our trip away, and saddle bag mounts, not to mention the sissy bar pack that arrived a couple of weeks ago (only to find the bigger bag is just too big, but hey, it was a good price!!) :)
  7. I love those drag bars, much better looking than originals
  8. The wait is a killer huh?

    Where you heading off too?

    Ive saved plenty of money by going the opposite way...have stripped my bike of its Pillion seat ( love the sleeker look) but now i have to put it back on so i can put a tail pack on for my midweek GOR ride..Its a case of looks verses practicality
  9. We're riding from Brisbane to Mackay via Gayndah and Monto, a good solid 3 days or more riding each way to visit rellies. Then riding all the way back again, doing it all in a week and a half late December.
  10. Hi Mischiefmaka how you been?
    Bringin stuff in from the States is the only way to go. except it can get addictive.
  11. Hi Lukey Ive been good mate and you?

    Yeah my order is running a bit behind tho, they had to order in my bars must have been a bit of a back order given the good dollar id say, but they are on their way now woot woot.

    Ive got a few more things i want to do after the bars and stuff but nothing too major .
  12. Yeah I'v been good thanks. I ripped the stock blinkers and tail light off and replaced them with Bullet indicators and a Drilled brass tail light from ss Custom Cycle makes it look so much better. I'm addicted to tinkering.
    I buy everything from USA it's half price.
  13. Got them yet? Fitted them yet? :dance:

    Just started modding my XVS650, and packages are slowly arriving from different places round the globe. Love it!
  14. No :( they still not here ](*,)..My Bars were put on a back order so were late to leave the states, but they left 2 weeks ago now, so they should be here soon...Ive heard from many that the shipments from the states are taking a lot longer than normal due to the high volume of stuff being imported due to the great Dollar.

    What mods are you doing to your ride?
  15. That sucks! Oh well, be sweeter when they arrive. My stuff has so far been fairly quick to get here.

    So far just added some engine guards to her, new mirrors, got a windshield coming, some rear passenger floorboard style footrests, ummm.....that's it so far.

    She came with Custom V&H pipes and Kuryakn hypercharger, so sorted there. :D Got some custom baffles coming to tone down the harsh noise and leave it with a big bike grumble though, in fact, they cleared customs the other day.

    Waiting to see how your bike looks with the bars, and how you think it feels before thinking of those.
  16. Interested to know how your custom baffles go... I know the V&H quiet baffles do sfa on the short shots.
  17. Hopefully they arrive today. Tracking from US post show they cleared customs within 3 minutes, 3 days ago.

    Hopefully Aus post pull their finger out so I can fit them this weekend.
  18. I found the quiet baffles took a little bit of the harshness out of my short shots. Lowered the tone a little as well. I think.

    Still loud though.
  19. That's what I'm hoping for. Want the big boy sound still to be there, without the christmas ringing in the ears. If that fails, I picked up a pair of stocks (for longer rides) of ebay for $50 and they are almost immaculate.
  20. Baffles have just arrived! I'll report back once I have them installed.