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A lesson learned the hard way.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by rocket60, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. On new years eve I was travelling north in Thompson Ave. in Cowes,along the lhs of the stopped cars that were going nowhere fast.There was plenty of room for me because of the bikelane when all of a sudden there was a car in front of me that had turned from the other side of the road through the gap in the stationary cars.I nwent over the handle bars and through the windscreen of the turning car back first.
    The collapsing windscreen absorbed most of the shock so I walked away with just stuffed hands from the initial impact.No breaks just ligament damage.
    Here's the killer,because I was on the LHS of the cars I have been charged by the plod for overtaking on the left when not safe and are responsable for the entire accident.Lucky for insurance.
    So next time you pass on the left and I have done this thousands of times in 30 years of riding,if some clown doesn't look and runs into you its your fault for overtaking dangerously.This applies to a single lane road.

  2. NEVER pass on the left - EVER.
  3. The car coming through that split in the traffic cannot see you while you're travelling down that bike lane. They look at the traffic, see a gap and take it. There's only one lane, so you must stop if there's a gap in case a car comes through.
  4. The ridiculous part is that if you'd been on a bicycle the car would have been at fault.
  5. This is why I'll stick to around 20-30kph when I'm tempted to to do this. Good reminder, thanks for posting.
  6. Don't want to be harsh, but I'm surprised that a rider of 30 years experience got caught this way. When filtering in the vicinity of junctions, I always assume that any turning traffic will see the stationary cars around me but won't see me. If I didn't I'd have been crashing every week on the daily commute I was doing up until a couple of months ago. And, yes, rightly or wrongly I'd have expected to be nailed for it.

    Glad you walked away though.
  7. lol it's called conscious incompetence. Happens to the best of us. Does not matter how many years under the belt champ... we will always be human.
  8. Sorry to hear this Rocket and I am glad you have walked away relatively unscathed. Hope you are back on the road soon. Which bike were you riding?
  9. Gotta say, pedestrians do this too... had it happen to me twice today, once on my pushy and once on my moto. Both times filtering through stationary traffic, if i hadn't yelled out on my pushbike i would have a more intimate knowledge of my face smacking the tarmac.

    Glad to hear insurance is all good and no permanent damage mate!
  10. Bad news Rod,

    I thought that they had changed the law stating that you could pass on the left,

    I would suggest you look into it, Mate,

    Which Bike did you wreck,

  11. Unlikely that it would be legal to ride in the bike lane, unless I'm reading this wrong.
  12. AFAIK it is legal to use a bicycle lane for up to 50 metres if you are entering the road or turning at an intersection.
  13. Experience isn't some kind of golden talisman that protects you from evil. I will often creep along the inside of parked cars, wary of any gaps since it means something in the line was different, and had a bloke just throw his car door open front of me. I stopped and sat their while he locked it up and THEN he got the fright of his life when he finally saw me, and apologized, which was nice.
    I was in the bike lane, and luckily no bikes were tearing through at just the wrong time, coz this bloke did'nt even look. Needless to say, the timing was on my side this time.

    Easy to judge after the fact, expect the unexpected, assume their all out to kill you, be alert, and watch the speed differential, blah blah...the op could have done better because clearly he was going a tad fast given that he went over the bars onto the windscreen. But having done it many many times without a problem one can easily get a little complacent. Anyone can.

    Said more for the benefit of others, Pat. :)
  14. Yeah, OK, I've reread the post and I may have initially misinterpreted it. I originally got the impression that the OP had been incautiously approaching junctions for 30 years and never previously encountered a car turning through the gap. Rereading it, that is not what was said.

    I stand corrected and apologise. Every rider makes occasional errors. Most of the time we get away with it. Sometimes we don't.

    Still worth being very cautious in these types of traffic situations. I torpedoed a cyclist myself when filtering many years ago. Silly sod never looked before crossing 'cos the cars were stationary. Surprising 'cos you'd think a cyclist would be familiar with the concept of manouvering through stopped traffic.

    On the legal side of things, given that filtering is not explicitly legal, I think it's safe to assume that any incident will be sheeted home to the filtering rider. It may not be fair or right, but, realistically, given the animosity that exists towards filterers in Oz, that's the way it's gonna be. Another reason to avoid crashing, as if we needed one.
  15. Pat, no worries mate. :)

    And you weren't harsh or anything- not to my mind.

    And yeah, it's getting so that in car/mcycle crash, cars seem almost immune to fault. ( just another idiot biker ) I'm becoming just a little bit more anti-establishment, each day. And that's not 'my' fault.
  16. So its not just me then... and sorry to hear about the accident. As others have said, good luck with insurance and lucky that you didn't get more injured.

    - boingk
  17. Ah, no good mate, not the TRX I hope????

    Heal well!
  18. And yeah, it's getting so that in car/mcycle crash, cars seem almost immune to fault. ( just another idiot biker ) I'm becoming just a little bit more anti-establishment, each day. And that's not 'my' fault.[/QUOTE]

    Society is to blame. lol
    Don't worry about it. I've been like it for decades. Goes with my ironic sense of humour
  19. Dead bike is the KTM to those that asked and who know me,and thanks for the wellwishes.
  20. precisely why the bike lane is so ****ing dangerous.
    leave it for the scooters, cyclists, other wannabe roadkill.
    if you pass on the right down the centre the cars turning right in the oncomming traffic will see you.. i do it everyday, where the traffic blocks up to that abomination 5 ways roundabout outside of Mooroolbark... sometimes i can only leapfrog half a dozen cars at a time.. and would be oh so much easier to pass on the left, but **** that, you just end up with a car sitting side on in front of out of nowhere, sooner or later.

    sorry to hear about your stack btw dude, heal fast, live and learn, don't do it again