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A lesson in observation.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Had a near miss this afternoon near my place where I went to turn right into a street.
    The numpty waiting at the stop sign in the street I was turning into comes out to do his right turn.
    I quickly go around his LEFT side in order to miss him and then gave him a blip of the throttle to which he looked up then continued to drive off.
    I saw red at this stage and took off after him.
    When he realised that he couldn't outrun me he pulls over and I stop about 10 metres further up in the ready position in case he decided to become frisky.
    He gets out of his car and walks over to me trembling and apologises profusely saying he didn't see me.
    I say to him that despite the BRIGHT headlight and the bright yellow of the bike and the bright red of my jacket and the silver colour of my helmet how did he not see me?
    he says " I can't figure out how I didn't see you.
    I said "you didn't see me because you didn't look ONCE in my direction not ONCE!."
    "If I were a truck you'd be DEAD right now not apologising."

    Lesson for the noobs with bikes and the not so noobs like myself who can get complacent.

    When approaching an intesection and you see a car waiting to leave LOOK at the driver first to see if they have spotted you THEN think of an avenue of escape in case they don't, particularly if they don't even look in your direction.
    If I wasn't aware of this numpty not looking then a scratched and broken bike and very irate rider would have ensued.

    I did a u turn further up so as I could go to my original destination and gave the driver a wave to show I'm not a sheer and utter bastard and the idjut didn't even LOOK in my direction to acknowledge.

    Goes to show maybe some people should not be behind the wheel.

  2. Lesson 1. Establish eye contact!!!
    It's no guarantee, but it does go some way towards lessening your chances of becoming a statistic.
    Lesson2. Assume the worst anyway
    Lesson 3. ALWAYS have an "out" clause.

    Thanks, smee, and glad to hear that you're Ok too!!

    How long before the steam in your helmet cleared??
  3. What HAS society come to when even BMW riders aren't safe, I shall write to the Times about this!! ??
    Glad you had the experience and presence of mind to have an escape route, good riding!
  4. Fairly quickly.
    I think the steam cleared when I saw this pathetic creature trembling when he was apologising.
  5. Eye contact does not always work !!
    I've made eye contact with cage drivers to numerous to remember em all
    and yet they have still turned out in front of me etc etc etc
  6. Hence the "out clause"
    Sometimes your sixth sense tells you what the other party will do regardless.
    Having said all this I have rarely been in a near miss position since I took up riding in '98
  7. You say what?

    He stopped and apologised?

    EVERY near miss I've had, the bastards have been upset that I am upset with them, and flipped me off. Crap driver, good human being if you ask me.
  8. I had a near miss on the way home from school this arvo. I ws travelling behind a woman in an Excel (yes, I know) and we were both turning left in a slip lane to head out of Albion Park. I had that exact same "sixth sense" you mentioned, about her, and just as well, because as soon as she finished turning left and was straightened up, she slammed on the brakes and then, when she was STOPPED, indicated right.

    I had my antennae on full alert for some reason, and braked, pulled left around her and continued on.

    Put it down to experience, I guess.
  9. Well In rode in front of him and stopped as he couldnt outrun me.
    In hindsight it may have been a tad foolish.
  10. But Bob, we all know which eye you were showing them. Can you blame them?
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Yeah he would have kept driving like the rest of them - crap driver & crap human being :roll:
  12. Sometimes when its looking potentially dodgy, I'll slow right down to a crawl, just in case and make a point to the alleged cager. :roll: :!:
  13. Hypothetical; do some of the scrapes younger riders get into occur because their instincts haven't been sharpened by these sorts of experiences? Older doesn't always mean wiser, but it often means more suspicious, because of experience!
    (on the other hand, younger riders may well have faster reflexes and therefore can get out of trouble easier) Just a thought!? :?
  14. Paranoia increases your chance of survival. Therefore a greater percentage of older riders are likely to be paranoid. QED!
  15. i've been lurking in these forums for awhile now trying to learn as much as possible and i remember the eye contact thingy which you never do when your a driver but as a rider i kept that in mind.

    sure enough on my Ls first day and first time out on the open road i riding along, saw a WOMAN at a stop sign in some big old car on the right wanting to turn right. she was looking at the cars coming opposite to me on her right. no eye contact whatsoever so i slow down quite a bit, sure enough as the cars opposite me all passed she shoots out and i had to break even harder to avoid her!

    thank god i kept my cool and did as much research beforehand as possible!
  16. Yipeee ths system works!!! Good save man!
  17. Sometimes vehicals indicate, the driver looks at you, gives you eye contact and occasionally waves and signals you to go past. DON"T TRUST ANY OF THEM! Everyone on the road is a crazed maniac, hell bent on killing you! Keep track of your escape routes, ride definsively and assert your personal space. :twisted:

    On top of that, a thankyou wave to those who do good things for us is a must. :D
  18. Maybe not EVERY one, but you're right. And courtesy to the god ones can only do us all good.
  19. good summary

  20. But you must assume everyone is a fcukwit who has the attention span/intelligence of a fish to survive the jungle we call the road....