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A leisure ride, a bikie gang, a fatal instant

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. I can't say I've ever seen more than about 10 bikes in convoy on the road at any one time, so I'm not sure how much of a factor the intimidation part of it would have played, but it sounds like an unfortunate case of sharing the road with someone riding under the influence of drugs. Something I've noticed is that everytime I've ridden past a breath test I've never been stopped (and no, I've never ridden after having had a drink and I don't use drugs) but rather been waived along everytime. I know it would take longer to breathalyze a rider due to the helmet (unless open faced) but has anyone else noticed this? Not once in about 10 times since I've had my L's (4 months). has anyone who regularly group rides had their group waived into the test lane?

    As for this case, I hope his family is ok.
  2. Of course this could only have happened because of a druged up, gun totin, menacing, illegal bikey gang member.
    It never would happen if the other vehicle was driven by,
    1. A truckie hyped up on speed & driving for 3-4 days straight
    2. Doped up hippey in a comby
    3. a tradie on the way home after 4-5 hours at the pub after work.
  3. No it would never happen this way. And if it did by some miracle, it would be the motorcyclists fault.
  4. Sad what happened to the bloke and his family, but there is a lot of tear jerking emotive crap in that article. Drugged rider caused collision. Rest of the group probably did nothing wrong.

    As for the "road bullies", I have seen groups of hundreds of bikes ride together, some of them blocking of intersections and roads so the rest of the group can proceed safely... kind of what the police do for us every year with the toy run.
  5. Never had an issue or problem with any group ride of patched members.
    Never had a problem with truckies despite 25 years of Hume travel.
    Had heaps of problems with caravans, taxis and Camrys :/
  6. Wrong place. Wrong time. Poor guy... and his family.
  7. Not sure what the "road bullying" part of the article has to do with the incident it reports on. It sounds like rider's fatally-bad judgement occurred because he was a high as a kite at the time.
  8. What exactly do you mean by nothing wrong?
  9. Except when plod does it it's legal, and nobody dies.........
  10. What is it that you think is just "emotive crap"??
    The poor bugger WAS killed by a drugged up rider...a family is now all fekked up!, and the so called "bikies", refused to assist police for reasons I can't fathom, apart from the obvious, which they themselves are happy to promote.

    No wonder I'm sometimes ashamed to be a bike rider!
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  11. hahahah the irony

    Soooo aparently large numbers become intimidating..... Now I understand why I avoid the long lanes of banked up cages :)
  12. The article makes me uncomfortable. While I agree with much of what it has to say, I'm unimpressed with the emotive and prejudicial tone, and the manipulative political intent. This is anti-motorcycle club propaganda - pure and simple.
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  13. I wonder what the coroners report said?(genuinely, no sarcasm) Following an accident where someone is seriously injured, they must take blood samples. Amphetamines and cannabis are not like alcohol in that just because it remains in your blood doesn't mean you continue to be affected by it. For all we know he smoked a cone and dunked a pinger days ago and it showed up. On the other side of the coin he could have been on ice.. More information is needed...
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  14. Cheers, will give it a read

    From the report:

    So he was killed by someone crossing to the other side of the road and having a head on crash, yet it was speed as the primary contributor? (Domaille was doing 110-120kmph while Goodwin was doing 90-95) Huh? Well, I guess if they were stopped no accident could have occurred. Sounds like blaming the electricity for burning my toast..

    No mention of the concentration of either drug in his blood or the date on which he had 'consumed' the drug - was it that morning? 30 minutes prior or a week before?
  15. Good comments Toadcat.

    Ms Stuthridge Coroner could have been more thorough IMO. Nothing about weather conditions, or the relative experience of the riders involved.

    Any speed above 30km/h could have resulted in death in a head on. The inference in the report is that the 110 - 120 km/h speed was a causal factor.

    The toxicology report should have been included with a comment about the level and the likely physiological impact.

    The conclusion that there was a vision issue seems reasonable though, you'd have to think that on a straight flat road (6km one direction, 3km in the other), that vision would have been pretty good.

    Let's not lose sight of there having been a tragic crash though.
  16. Pretty much hit on the head what I was thinking... Not everything is an anti bikes crusade...
  17. On a second reading It's not as bad as the first impression I had before, but saying a husband and father had died should be enough.

    These two paragraphs were all the article needed.
  18. Yes, I agree completely. The rest is posturing by authorities to reassure the 'scared' public, that they have matters in hand. I agree, that the political agendas are in full swing, and introducing that into the article is bloody poor form because it distracts from the real story, as the above excerpt details.

    Speed, has got nothing to do with it -at all!!..and that's the one thing that I find personally insulting!!
    The 'bikie' could have been stationary in front of the victim, and there is still a high probability of very serious injury, or death. So the fact that the 'bikie' was doing 120 or so, whilst not helping the situation, is a minor point at best.
    What killed the father of two, was that the 'bikie' chose to go into the opposite lane, and pull a SMIDSY, for whatever reason. THAT is why the crash occurred.
    But let's not allow the truth to get in the way of an agenda opportunity, eh!

    The coroner mentioned the drugs in his report, but speed is what get's the special mention, FFS!!
    What a useless prick HE is! Clearly, the cops are on the speed agenda instead of the drugs, and the Corener did his best to help them out.!

    < puts away soap box > Rant over!
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