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A-League Spoiler [CAUTION: Live Game Spoiler]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Cracker game between the Jets and the Reds.

    0-0 at half time, 1-1 at full time, 1-1 after 30 mins of extra time, Reds win 4-3 at the penalty shootout.

    There wasn't a bad player in the two sides.

    Baltrame was superb.

    Victory V's Reds next weekend at Telstra Dome.

    I have to watch it from across the water ;)
  2. Ttop game to watch even though Sydney weren't playing (and don't even deserve to be on the same pitch as Adelaide and Newcastle!)

    Edge of the seat stuff.

    Pity it was decided by shootout, but still cograts to Adelaide!
  3. Arghhh no the jets lost!!!!!!!!!!. Excellent game, congratulations to Adelaide. Well played both teams. I have never liked a game coming to a shoot out, but well done all the same.

  4. Anyone trying to get tix tomorrow morning?

    I'm also thinking of going to the player presentation during lunchtime on Fri at City Square (corner of Swanston and Collins Street).
  5. Does any other game in the world reward 90 minutes of effort and skill with a lucky-dip means of deciding the result? No? I didn't think so. What a farce soccer is......
  6. The dumb bastards at work have decided that tomorrow will be the day that they do a fire drill and the entire centre will be locked down between 9am and 9.15am

    I went bananas at them, we'll see what they come up with this arvo.

    I can get tickets as I'll be there in front of the terminal but of all weekends to be interstate :(
  7. Just about every sport does.

    [-X No idea :p

    Put your whites back on, and the bowlers hat on the rear parcel rack, and head-off to the slower game you can understand :p :LOL: :p
  8. hahah, just revving you up, Jason, thanks for biting!! :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
  9. Hence my gratituous use of tongue poke's :)
    Everyone knows that the only true religion is soccer, and that any other mind control for the masses preaching is just a pure wannabe! :p
  10. golden point rigby league!!!!!
  11. Not even close Jeff

    RL Golden point is for the first team to score a point in the normal run of play after full time and extra time. It can be a field goal or a try, and, in extreme circumstances (and with a VERY brave referee) it could be a penalty goal.

    Penalty shoot-out in soccer is not in normal play but in a static pot-shot competition, with only the skill of two people being exercised, while everybody stands and watches.....
  12. I knew it!
    You ARe into bum sniffing! :twisted:
  13. It is usually decided by the toss of the refs coin and you get to score a field goal. I call that a lucky dip!!!!!
  14. Jeff, to quote smee

    To be informed is to be educated in what you are talking about.

    "usually"??? You obviously don't :LOL:

    Allow me, then to "inform you".

    If the scores are level at the end of 80 minutes, 5 minutes is played, the teams swap ends with no break, and a further 5 minutes is played. Any score (try, penalty goal, or field goal) in this 10 minute period secures a win for the scoring team, and the game ends at that point. If the scoring event is a try, no conversion is attempted. If no further scoring occurs, the game is drawn and each team receives one competition point.
  15. Don't they play an additional 10 minutes each half prior to going to sudden death??? ;)
  16. No, the five minutes each way with no break to achieve a result has replaced that.....

  17. Nice obfuscation
    Now answer me why you are into bumsniffing.
  18. I live in NSW. In NSW the code of preference is Rugby League. I've never played it, but I've always followed it (except in the years I lived in the Yarra Valley, when I barracked for Essendon)!!
  19. I am sorry I didn't get to reply to this condescending posting earlier, but I had to work my a@#se off

    I thought I may have been corresponding with someone who didn't have to have everything spelt out to them....................I was wrong. I do not need a rule book quoted!! ANY moron can do that!

    I was talking about the PERIOD of golden point and again it is started by the toss of a ref's coin and the usual thing is the receiving team is the first to get a crack at the field goal.........SHEEZ!!!!

    You were asking does any code have such a lucky dip ending.

    I don't want or need educating on the rules of rugby league or soccer for that matter as I have played and coached both codes to a reasonbly high level (played RL for Manly Warringah and coached soccer right through juniors and seniors[and a period for Narrabeen Sports High Turner Cup] until 18 division one finally wore me down (I have level 2 coaching qualifications)...........and I also know that there are many people with a lot more qualifications, but this is not a contest of who is greater than who!!) BUT I do know the rules..........................but thanks for big noting yourself at other people's expense :LOL:
  20. Well actually, Jeff, I'm not the one who needed the rule book read out, you were, despite your professed knowledge. And since you were the one who started with the "usually" quote, I would have thought you left yourself open to correction. If you had said nothing, nothing would have been said. As far as big-noting myself at someone else's expense, I can only say that some people make it easier than others :LOL:.

    Anyway, it's only football, so who cares??