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A KTM video promoting road safety...not.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Jaqhama, May 25, 2006.

  1. Wonderful job here from KTM, showing all concerned how safe and considerate bikers can be on their new 940 Supermoto.

    Try riding like this in Austria and see how long you last before the ultra conservative police pull you over and throw the book at you.

    Looks like it was filmed in Italy or Spain to me, two countries famous for their relaxed attitude to riders.

    I find it hard to imagine what would make a reputable bike company produce a video like this.
    It almost encourages hooligan riding antics.

    I'm no angel myself, but I'm not a major motorcycle manufacturer either.

    Good on ya KTM...drongos.

    The video is at the bottom of the page, if you cannot get it to run further down a guy has another link for it.

  2. fcuk me!! :shock: anyone wanna buy a zx7r?? i'm off to get me a motard :twisted:

    honestly, i dont see anything changing peoples attitudes either way. do good things, they think we're bad. do bad things, they think we're bad. :? whatever, the ad certainly works IMO, i want a KTM all of a sudden :LOL:
  3. Bah, it's not that bad, they've just made a video of what alot of us get up to on the weekend!

    After all, you wouldnt buy a bike like that to ride it at the speed limit on your way way to meet your latte sipping Ducati owning friends at the cafe, if the weathers good.

    KTM just earned a bit more respect in my eyes :cool:
  4. We're not talking about us.

    That's a general promotional video, anyone can watch it.

    The RTA, the Pollies, Mr and Mrs Normal, all the people who say bikes and their riders are dangerous and should be off the roads...and we say no, no, we're responsible people, and they say...watch this video, even a bike manufacturer is promoting unsafe riding habits.

    I agree with Coconuts, damned if we do and damned if we don't.
    But as I pointed out, I'm not a major manufacturer who, one assumes, goes to great legths to prove they produce a viable means of alternative road transport.
    This video basically says...buy a KTM super-moto and you too can ride like a fuking manic on public roads.
    And it's a sad fact that younger riders, easily influenced will certainly do so.

    I could care less what the walking dead think of me and motorcycles.

    Rubbing their faces in it can not be a smart move however.
  5. wicked good vid.
    did you know you can buy stunting DVD's in shops?

    No difference, your avg joe isnt gonna stumble across the ktm site and look at that vid.
    Enjoy it, i thought it was great.
  6. I like the video, I just don't like the context is has been presented in.

    And even the AMA in America recently spoke up and said that they believe the growing popularity of Stunters performing stunts on public roads, often in a lane of moving traffic or in a shopping centre car park full of citizens is doing the image of motorcycling no good at all.
    I cannot disagree with that.

    If my mates and I want to do silly stuff we use the many industrial areas around Sydney that are virtually uninhabited at night.

    Doing stunts at midnight on a private road in a closed-for- the-night industrial area or car park is a far cry from doing it on a public road, in full view of the public at 10am.

    The video could have said at the beginning that all the scenes were filmed in controlled conditions by professional riders and drivers.
  7. I agree with that completely, but i do think were all a bit too "but the lable didnt say dont drink bleach" lately.
    Who is giving out common sense these days, i think they may be sleeping on the job!
  8. Awesome vid, i want one!

    fcuk the safety nazis, people are gonna do what people are gonna do, videos or not!
  9. Coconuts is right! I want one :twisted: (See the ad worked) Pity they are probably super expensive. Oh well back to reality.

    Seriously If you don't know that riding like that carries an element of risk then you should stick to a pushbike with loose trainer wheels! :p
  10. KTM are getting a lot right lately, aren't they?

    When their bikes and parts come down to a reasonable price, they'll be MASSIF.

  11. Check out "A Few Loose Screws", absolute nutters... Love the highway surfing lol!
  12. Can anybody email me the video as an MPG? No Flash player at work. PM for email addy.
  13. I must not be a Safety Nazi, I thought it was a great vid. Curse those Austrians with their passion for motorcycling, they're bringing society to its knees!

  14. Looks very similar to the advert they made for the superduke, which met lots of criticism as well.
    Nice bike and will probably be half the price of the Ducati supermotard.
  15. Very cool, is it mandatory to wear orange leathers if I get one?

    ooh big brother might see it and try and clamp down on us, so what it just adds to the mystique of us bad bikers :LOL:
  16. Anyone know what these are going for? That looks like a pretty sweet bike, but i probably can't afford one.
  17. Neither can I. $21,450 plus onroads and dealer delivery.
    It was top of my list until they annouced that. :cry:
  18. Yes what a disgustingly bad example this video sets with all that hoonish behaviour.

    But, as luck would have it, no-one outside the bike community will EVER see this add. It will be limited to trade fairs, bike shows and internet downloads on bike forums.


    1) There is no way KTM or any other bike manufacturer can afford to put a 3 minute ad on public television. Any bike ads that do go on, only go on during motorcycle race coverage, which, as luck would have it, is usually past midnight and only watched by - you guessed it - riders.

    2) There is no way KTM or any other manufacturer would be dumb enough to show their bikes hooning around to mums and dads at prime time.

    So, there is no need to get all TIAGRABN (these idiots are giving riders a bad name) about it.

    Very cool vid!

    Right, what's next... Ghostrider, he's a bad example... :LOL:
  19. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4896162542904156328

    Click the download button in the top right its not a standard video format but rather googles version of which sucks but seems to be the best.