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a kookaburra? so what's the strangest thing you've hit?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. :shock:

  2. yes, hornet. you know, i know about the T & Cs.

    but hey, if the keith urban and george clooney incident can be posted up...

    perhaps, you're just dirty that you didn't post this up? :p :wink:

    if you want i can edit the OP to include something along the lines of: "so what's the strangest thing you've hit while riding?"

    do what you want with it.
  3. The only reason I won't move this thread to holding is because of the completely unusual nature of the accident, what I will allow is discussion of unusual ways of other people having crashed sparked by this particular incident.
  4. The road.

    It hurt :grin:
  5. One of my close friends was taking a freeway off-ramp when a plastic shopping bag blew up onto his visor. He knew there was a stopped car at
    the traffic lights at the bottom of the ramp, and armco around the edge of
    the ramp, so he estimated the gap, the turn, and squeezed the brakes
    as much as he dared. The bag would not blow off or brush off his helmet...
    he kept turning and washing off speed... and he almost made it when...

    ARMCO@! Bike was a writeoff, Dunc had a broken leg.

    The bag had a big yellow smiley face :) on it, staring him right in the
    eyes the whole time.

    To this day he hates smileys and plastic bags.
  6. Most unusual thing to hit me was on the Westgate freeway a few years back when a metal plate flew off the top of a semi tralier about 50 metres ahead of me.
    It looked like slow motion as this thing bounced then took an about left turn and bounced into my right cylinder head, ripping off the spark plug cover and taking a 5 cent sized chunk out of the cooling fin.
    If it wasn't for the cylinder head the only other thing that plate would have hit would be my leg and I reckon a 5 cent sized gouge out of solid metal would pale into insignificance it if were bone and flesh.
    so those of you who knock the stiky outie heads of the beemers R series, think about your legs and the protection these lumps of metal can afford.
  7. A Cow :eek:

    I hit it dead centre. The bike stopped, I didn’t.
    I went straight over the top and landed on my head, twisted the helmet forwards slamming the chin guard into my chest breaking the chin guard.
    Then my shoulders hit the ground partly squashing one of the bones between my shoulder blades, I still have no feeling there after 16 years..
    Then I was flat out on the ground, winded.
    They only gave me week off work and said don’t lift anything heavy for 8 weeks.

    The cow was nowhere to be seen when my mates came back to see why I wasn’t behind them any more
  8. I hit a fox. Nearly took us both out, the bike kinda bunny hopped over it, skittered sideways a bit, then I managed to pull it back in line. It was a very poop inspiring moment. The fox was a write off.
  9. a lace monitor, on bawley point rd, riding my RGV250 way back in 2000
    as i saw it, and realised i couldnt avoid it, i rose on the footpegs and hoped for the best. lucky i hit him straight across the guts, because i barely felt a thing. i turned to see how he fared, and found that he was dragging himself off the road by his front feet. poor bugger.

    oh, and countless bloody red-bellied black snakes!
  10. You know those trucks that transport cars 6 or 8 at a time? One lost its
    loading ramp on the Bolte Bridge and I hit it. Fortunately it was exactly
    across the road and I only dented a wheel, if I'd hit it at an angle I'd have
    been chucked off.

    I did see a fridge on the road once, fallen off a guy's trailer when
    he was moving house. I avoided it though.
  11. good friend of mine nearly died when he was following an A frame glass truck. a piece of glass came off the back of the truck, landed on the road and he lost traction whilst on top of it, he highsided and nearly went off the overpass he was on, onto a freeway. ended up with nerve damage in his right arm, busted pelvis, busted leg and god knows what else. his friends uninsured ducati 916 he was riding was a write off.
  12. A Lyrebird - flew into my path going up Chum Creek Rd. Hit square on the chest. Both survived, except I ended up with quite a few feathers as a keepsake!
  13. Two birds too busy doing their ahem "spring dance" in mid air. They were forcibly separated after hitting me full in the chest and split on either side of the rider (stewy) behind me :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Aboriginal man asleep in a depression at the side of the road -- in Broome, 1975. Going home at night, cut across the kerb to my house, down the storm depression and straight up the middle of his back. Luckily, he was asleep face down.

    I wobbled to a stop, he got up and apologised to me for being there, then staggered off. I almost laughed at the pindan tyre stripes up the middle of his shirt ... almost. (I was shaking too much to laugh, actually.) :shock:
  15. the thing that scared me the most was a a swooping owl. luckily the mirror (on my mates bike :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ) took the brunt of the blow. then it hit me on the chest, fell to my LH leg where is decided would be a good place to latch on and start screeching. the screeching while feeling a stinging pain dig in to my leg was the belter.
    mid (blind) corner water dragons and besa block sized boulders are my fav obstacle on the OPH.

    edit: btw i think biwoz wins this one :LOL:
  16. Riding to work at 6:00 one morning I saw something pink out of the corner of my eye. Three :censored: kamikaze galahs flew straight across my path. Galah one hit my screen, galah two hit my chest and galah three bouncd of my visor. Somehow I managed to hold on to the bike and stay upright. My neck and chest were sore for the next couple of days. I'm glad I backed off when I saw the pink flash or I would of hit going a hell of a lot faster.
    Last ride home from Melb, I collected a tiger snake on the Hume. Got him dead center of his back.
  17. Collected a fruit bat one night while going to work, smashed the Visor on my Shoei

    Pulled over and removed remaining parts of the visor, calmed down and kept going to work, couldn't be bothered trying to find the bat.

    Glad I had on the brown underwear that night! :shock:
  18. well, i was going to tell all about the time i watched a full box of lettuce come off the back of a fruit and veg ute once, and how i managed to hit it TDC and continue on my merry way...
    but after reading what other riders have had to deal with or run into...
    i wont bother...
  19. I had a Kangaroo step out in front of me after rounding a turn at 100 km/h, i saw it coming and braked hard but he turned and started hopping along the same axis and direction the bike was travelling on. He came within inches of the front wheel and kept going. I was continuing to slow down and thought 'phew that was close' then he tries to get off the road by making a dramatic left turn and goes ass up as he had no traction on the tarmac. By this time i was down to about 50 km/h and luckily managed to swerve and miss him.

    Not exactly a hit story but it sure had my adrenaline pumping!
  20. Came this > () close to taking out a decent sized wedge-tailed eagle, flying across the road at head/chest height mid bend. Wouldn't have been a good result methinks.