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A KLE500 or something else?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ssandor, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. I have recently gotten my P's and in 12 months I'll go unrestricted. One of the advantages of age. I rode bikes in my late teens off and on road on 250 trails. I've looked at tourers and all terrain. I'm leaning towards the all terrain, not because I want to go off road but I like the seating position.
    I've looked at the Kwaka KLE 500 and for my budget ($5K) they seem to be the best value for money (late models and low klicks). The seating position is just a bit high but it's not a real issue. I'm 177cm.
    I'm planning to do weekend trips with a few mates doing 200 or 300 kms per ride. Around Northern NSW, Murwillumbah, UKI etc. Some of the guys that ride have all terrains so there is the chance to go off road, but not heavy off road.
    Maybe one trip a year to Sydney to see a mate and ride down the coast for a week or so.
    So what do you think of the KLE?
    Is there another manufacturer that you would recommend?
    Have you had one? and was it a reliable machine?
    I'de appreciate any comments.

  2. fine thanks for asking, i ride a r6
  3. ](*,)=D>8-[
  4. DR650. Cheap, simple and bulletproof, if a little rough round the edges.
  5. a friend recently brought the kle500 and i gotta say i was pretty impressed with it, very neat little bike that with some minor modding would be a great adventure style bike....or just stock great range of tyres from knobbies to road tyres seems to cover all bases....

    Very under rated/unknown imo......i seriously considered it for my lastest project but decided to go with the more road focus dl, but they aren't LAMS....

    Take one for a test ride and see what you think(y)