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A Judge with a backbone - *may contain violence*

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, May 29, 2011.

  1. Stumbled it here while looking at another link...


    My favourite bit...

    ...and the Judge's name is 'Just A.Blow'

  2. Many shades of win.

    "So, which judge you reckon we should go for in your trial?"
    "How about A. Blow?"
    "Well OK, but we should really start thinking about your trial soon..."
  3. That's GOLD!!!
  4. Do I see a hint of common sense in our legal system???? Surely not.
  5. That's why I thought I'd post it. It's become so rare nowadays that it's worth a comment.
  6. Meanwhile the Skaf brothers sentences are getting whittled away.

    Heart lifting story all the same, thanks for posting.
  7. what they did was horrible in the worst possible way - knew they had appeals going on, didnt realise they kept getting reduced sentences.

    And then there were the brothers from Ashfield that did a very similar thing. There as a book written by a journalists from smh or australian about them. The way they manipulated the legal system, had several mis trials forcing the girls to continuous testify.
  8. At last check the elder's was down to about 30 years maximum and the younger's a bit less. Though it seems the younger is doing everything within his power to stay for that maximum length possible. There has been a whole range of appeals over various "issues" (ie. whatever their lawyer can dream up) with evidence.