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a jacket with hump or not?help

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by alwayseric, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. i am thinking of purchasing a alpinestar leather jacket. the indy looks great, but doesnt fit very well. uncomfortable in 36, too loose in 38.

    then i found tech r-1. size 38 fits perfectly, looks great. under $600 shipped from motomummy is affordable.


    i dont know if i really need an expensive (even though affordable) jacket with a hump at back just for daily commuting. track and racing is definitely not my thing.

    should i stick with tech r-1 or gp pro, or i should go for something similar to indy, like gp plus (iirc). then i can walk into the shopping centre looks quite normal.

    guys, share some experience asap. i am holding myself from placing the order, which is not easy with a strong impulse.[-( but i believe i can wait for a few more days til after the xmas.

    also, i wonder any other option i have of a jacket SIMILAR to indy (sharp looking, no hump and also cheaper than tech r-1)?
  2. what do you feel 'safer' in? If it fits well, offers better protection and IS affordable too, then buy it..
  3. you don't need the hump.
    don't buy a leather jacket till you have tried it on
  4. The hump can affect you depending on various factors - hump size, helmet, yr height, bike ride position, etc. On my jacket, I found the hump pushed against the back of my helmet rather annoyingly.
  5. Hump is a wank on the road (and, TBH, for most racers until you get to a fairly high level). However, if you find a jacket that you otherwise like that happens to have a hump then don't be put off by it.
  6. I have a jacket with a hump, I don't really notice it, but the jacket is very comfortable for me so I'm happy (A* MX1). I commute daily and this jacket has been great, I say buy whatever you want.
  7. Why would the hump be a wank on the road ? Those who aren't in favour of it - have you worn that style of jacket before ? If so, then please justify your reasons..and please tell me it's not only coz of the perceived 'wank' factor ?!
    The motoGP guys have it, and they're still riding on a 'road'. In fact a road with far less dangers than you and I during our frequent rides in threat-infested environments.
    That hump does NOT allow your head to jolt backwards if one was to come off during an incident/accident, thus saving a possible snapped neck. Those against the hump - have you thought about this ?
    We wear the gear we choose (well, those who wish to do so) to protect ourselves from danger, similar to wearing a back protector during normal road riding - is this a wank factor as well ????

    Amongst my riding gear inventory, I have a jacket (MX1) and Berik 1pc suit, both with a hump. Although I love my other Berik leather jacket (no hump), I know which 'outfit' I'd prefer to be wearing during that dreaded day.

    Be safe out there folks ! Nobody's telling you WHAT to wear, but on the same token be careful what you call a 'wank' factor.

    2 cents.
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  8. The MotoGP guys carry a shitload of telemetry gear in their humps and are also in a situation (and have the ability) to need to take advantage of the marginal aerodynamic benefits afforded by blending their heads into their backs. Neither apply on the road.

    Yes, I have thought about it and I've seen plenty of humps that won't get anywhere near the rider's helmet until their neck is already a big elastic band. IMHO the claimed safety benefits of the hump are largely an attempt by hump enthusiasts to avoid admitting that they're GP wannabes.

    Until maybe 10 years ago, pretty much nobody wore back protectors on the road. I'm not saying that the back protector for normal riding is a wank but until someone can point to some solid figures indicating that spinal injuries are falling amongst motorcyclists as a result of the increasing back protector use, I won't say that it's not either. Given that most motorcycle spinal injuries are, IIRC, a result of torsion or hyperextension rather than impact and current designs of back protector do nothing for the former and only a limited amount for the latter, their usefulness may not be all that it at first appears.

    I own a one-piece with a hump (for track days if I ever get around to doing any more), because the suit was affordable and it fitted me. IMHO the hump will do not the slightest bit of good either aerodynamically or in terms of crash protection. All it offers is a greater opportunity to snag on something during a crash.

    It's a wank.
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  9. Glad you feel it's a wank PatB.
    In my line of work, I greatly support safety in any way shape or form, not that this means I'll wear a blow up inflation suit that looks silly...but then again, others might. This is my opinion. If there's anything that 'I' believe may increase my safety I'll wear it. Again, within reason.
    Some need statistics to be satisfied with something's merit, others choose to research carefully into something - if there's the slightest hint of something providing an extra element of safety they'll be happy to choose that path.

    It's a personal thing.
    I'm happy to agree to disagree with you PatB, though I seem to agree with other things you have posted in the past.
    Each to their own.
  10. So, back to the question.......to hump or not to hump ?????

    Personally it depends who I am sharing the ride with....:angel:
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  11. I think you go with what's comfy... Humps each to their own in my opinion
  12. Fair enough :D.
  13. I like the hump I got it on my one piece I don't think im rossi either but I think its good.
    I don't have to stretch my head back far for it too be right on the hump and I've had a few offs on the track and each time its kept my helmet off the ground when Ive been sliding on my back.
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  14. Why limt yourself to A*?
  15. i only need a jacket for road riding. i do not limit myself to A*, but if an A* can serve all my needs, i dont want to spend more time on other brands and styles. there are too many options, while i am not a huge fan on this. one solid quality and nice looking and reputable jacket is all i want and need.
  16. If you like the tech r1 maybe also have a look at the RS Taichi GMX vented jacket. Similar to the A* but maybe better ?? I got one of these and couldnt be happier with it. I must admit I don't usually wear it for the commute- only if its a v warm day. Better suited for those weekend rides in the mountains in my opinion.
  17. the hump is integrated for it's function. it's not there for appearances. so i don't see the wank factor.
  18. ...............

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  19. i heard about people talking about how good Taichi's jackets are compared to A* or Dainese. I am tempted to have a try. but maybe next time as i already placed the order for a gp jacket. tech r-1 size 48 fit me really good. the red-white color looks good too and match my current bike color. but i want to buy a black one, cause i will sell my small 250 in half year and i dont know what color my next bike will be. also, white gets dirty too easily. however,i dont like the "black" of tech r-1. too much white on where i recon should not be.
  20. I think you mean tech 1-r?

    When I was looking at jackets recently, it boiled down to the tech 1-r or RS taichi GMX motion. They are both great jackets, but I ended up going with the taichi and was not dissapointed, its a fantastic jacket and is IMO that little bit better than the Tech 1-r and with a lower price tag. It also comes with a back protector which is nice :).

    My friend has an A* indy jacket and its great, but quality and protection wise it has nothing on the tech 1-r or GMX motion. They are both just as comfortable and provide good air flow, but have higher quality leather and better CE protectors, so if your budget allows for it why not?

    I can tell you from experience even a low speed stack still hurts like hell.. some I've spoke to think low speed stacks hurt more than high speed.. so you're best off getting the best protection you can IMO. :)

    EDIT: as for hump, whether you like them or not I don't think theres really any cons to them besides perceived looks.. the hump on the taichi for example is fairly small and doesn't get in the way of a backpack, plus it provides some nice airflow down your back when you're crouched along with whatever possible safety benefits may exist (I personally don't think it would do much to protect your neck).

    Also, I've never tested this out myself but in one of Lee Park's books he spoke of how his back hump was velcroed on and when it flew off at 150 km/h he noticed a large difference in turbulence and discomfort on his head. Just something to consider.