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A Hypothetical Question.......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoogieMan, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. After reading through


    I was reminded of a question once thrown around the fire during a night of drinking.....

    "If there was a device (think along the lines of a force Field) that would prevent gravel rash and impact injuries from hitting the ground etc....... Would you still wear all the gear or would you wear what was comfortable?....

    or better refrased "if you didnt have the fear of personal injury would you still wear protective Gear??"
  2. if the force field stop cold breezes too, I'd ride buck naked!
  3. IF i was industructible and felt no pain.
    Then yeah hell i'd ride in my underwear in the summer.

    But then again
    i'm not so u don't have to cover your eyes.
  4. Two truly terrifying prospects......
  5. I should clarify. Even if I was at no risk of injury or illness, I'd still have to kit up in full Alpinestars race leathers to look cool. :LOL:
  6. Nothing would change, I would still wear my usual thongs and budgie smugglers....
  7. yea i would just wear what people wear when there in cages

    but i dont think ill ever a invention such as that