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a hyperthetical question.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dante, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. first off disclaimer.
    this is in no way related to netrider.

    I have a friend who was attempting to help some other people work through some software problems on another forum. he is an top bloke and a good friend, however on the forum there are 2 guys who have delibrately taken his 'help thread' off topic by spamming a conversation. (a conversation being, hi how are you... good thanks , went to the shops baught some smokes, how much they charge you today? bla bla bla...)

    in the end the people who wanted the help couldnt get it and the helper, my mate.

    first question, perhaps some experience admins . mods . from this forum may know what would you call these actions by the two people in forum admin / moderating terms ?

    seccond question, what would you do to these two people if they did it to you either as the helper or the student (keep in mind that by abusing via text on that forum would result in a ban)?

  2. maybe the helper and person wanting help should have PM'ed each other if possible. A public forum is a public foum. If you're talking to a friend on a train and the background noise is too loud to hear, you either talk louder, whisper to each other (close range) or stop the convo.

    My view anyway :)
  3. Depends on where the post was posted.
    If it's in the relevant spot, I'd just put a first post to the guys to keep it "on topic."

    I call those guys TAN spammers (as in TANGENT, or even sunburn spammers - even further off a tangent.)

    Also depends if they have a habit of doing this and if they've gotten away with it previously.

    In any case if I were either helper or helpee, I'd ask nicely for them to keep on topic. If they keep doing it, I'd post a subtle swipe at them whilst asking to PM the guy I'm helping/who's helping me.

    or, if I'm in a $#!^^y mood, I'd PM a mod to get them banned. LOL
  4. Can't help with 1 but with 2 I'd suggest PMing the moderator who I would have thought would then PM those concerned. If that got no result I'd chop them out and chop their posts out. It's easy to get off topic but to do it intentionally is fruit cake material, but then perhaps it keeps them off the streets and that's a good thing if they're such dorks. Rehabilitation is the way to go, ultimately.