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A huge thank you - HQ Cleanup

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Knightrider, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. I would like to say thank you to those persons who volunteered their time this weekend to help out at HQ for the big cleanup.

    In alphabetical order: :D
    Mr Okimura

    As for those persons who said they would come and help - and didn't or were unable:

    Disappointed, but their hearts were in the right place (for a moment).

    As for those persons who take full advantage of Deb's hospitality and kind nature:

    Thoroughly disappointed and somewhat annoyed! Drinks are on you lot next time! :evil:
  2. It was good to do some real work for a change rather than just moving 1s and 0s around.

    Shame we didn't think about doing some before and after photos.
  3. It was fun, got to meet some new faces and did some exercise.

  4. I just have to say WOW!!! Guys (and girls), you are all the best. Thank you so much Robyn for organising the skip, and a huge thank you to all those that helped out as much as you did. The garden looks fantastic, The gutters are free of vines and leaves, the place just looks great and I owe you all so much for giving up your weekend to lend a hand. I know there are alot of aching and weary muscles tonight but it was also alot of fun and we got some great pics that will be posted up on the netriderpix site soon.
    Once again, thanks guys, you are the best. :D
  5. She definately deserves it!!

    How'd you hold up with the longish weekend tho flips?
  6. Waking up this morning, I had one thing to say...."OWWWWW"
    I realise now that I have muscles where I didn't think I had muscles cause they damn well hurt :(
    time for a long soaking bath..............
  7. Oh the pain of it all!

    I too have muscles where I forgot I had them!

    As soon as I have the figures in for the weight of the bin, I shall post. Anyone want to guess the weight? I reckon at least 5 tonnes! And I'm sure we all feel every bit of it!
  8. Nothing like a good excuse to bum around in overalls and my daggy bucket hat :D .

    The only shame was that Dazza was the only one with a serious power tool :( . I did get to hack stuff with an axe so it's not all bad :LOL: . Another upside was coming across a stack of 1970's Playboys, boy were things different then! The featured bike in one was a Kwaka Z900, now that's old.

    I'm sure I speak for all when I say I HATE vines! :roll: Damn things....

    The place will look a treat for this weekend's Anime Night, all the helpers get the prized couch seats too :p .
  9. Helpers? You mean the newly appointed "HQ Excecutive Committee" :D
  10. I'm sure the insects are very happy now their ancestral homes of several hundred generations are now no longer.

    Deyago - no power tools normally equals no fun, but I reckon we did OK with just axes and saws.

    Must take my hat off particularly to Splash and Matt232 - the vines around the "garage" area took a lot of perserverance to dislodge, and these guys did a fine of job of it.
  11. A huge thank you -cleanup HQ

    Hi to all who helped out on the weekend !
    Ledgends list:-
    Dazza - for having the best tool........and knowing how
    to use it!
    Robyn - for providing the BIG bin? u know what they say,bigger is always better!
    Adam - for his strength and endurance! say no more,
    Matt - for his sweetness! (thanks for those delish cakes)
    Deyago - for keeping it going and holding all together,
    Derek - for the mood music afterwards (very relaxing
    Debs - for everthing?????????
    And last but not least - ME! for starting the drinking early !
    Good food, good music and good company,
    Thanks guys :wink: :)
  12. Yeah sorry I couldn't make it, but I was up in HG. Otherwise I would've been there. Good on you guys to help HQ :D
  13. If you think we did well you should have seem Adam1 clean out 50% of the back yard and pretty much all the left side of the house. We pale in comparison, Adam would have made up at least 3 of those 5 tonne I'd guess.
  14. SWEET!!!!! I'm quite obviously VERY manly and gruff, I'm just keen on my chocolate eclairs. Plus it was a bribe for being so late on Saturday.
  15. I'm going with 4.3 tonnes.

    Are we working off The Price is Right rules?
  16. I'll shoot at 3.8 metric tons.
  17. Hmm,

    20 cubic meters, green waste, mostly vines, no sneaky hard rubbish in there....Buggered if I know!

    I'll guess and say 3 tonnes.

    It was pretty funny watching "Bush Master" Adam1 drag that massive bush off the roof of the shed and out the back to the skip. Lucky Maddy moves quickly or she could have been caught up and we'd never know...that thing was HUGE.

    The other cool thing was all the things that got "found", like the metal detector, pool cleaner, $1000 worth of old cans, a fire extinguisher.. the list goes on and on.
  18. I shall know either tuesday arvo or Wed morning what the weight was.

    FYI: a bin that size (15 cubic metres) comes at a cost of $440.
  19. Hey Deb,

    The guy who delivered the bin on Saturday is a biker too! Gave him the netrider address.

  20. And he rides a BMW.....