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a huge hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by si-1000, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. hey everybody have just found this huge site full of like minded nutters and wanna say hi. :grin:

  2. and a HUGE HI to you too, welcome to the asylum without walls
  3. welcome

    welcome si-1000 nice to see another big bore bike onboard :grin:
  4. or windows or doors or floors or furniture or a roof or............


    Welcome si-1000. :grin:
  5. now hornet we know the drugs they are giving you result in a huge hight. maybe it's time to cut the dose.
  6. Welcome si-1000
  7. Welcome to the nut house known as Netrider si-1000.

    You will gain a whole new knowledge of bikes (and lot of other things) here :LOL:
  8. Welcome to Netrider :)

    Oh... and don't try and read all of Hornet's posts if you like sleeping :bolt: :-w
  9. Howdy si-1000.
  10. Hi si-1000 and welcome to the forums :)
  11. :rofl::rofl:
    Welcome to NR Si-1000 but be warned, this is like the Hotel California if in doubt ask Hornet600 :wink:
  12. Hello there :)
  13. Welcome.
    Please excuse the behaviour of the nutters, we kinda all like kids in lolly shops this week.

    Doubt if anything will make any sence. Second thougth disgard that, thats normaL, things never make any sence PERIOD
  14. Welcome - i won't try to top the other inmates
  15. Hey ya si-1000 enjoy your time here.
  16. Hey si-1000!

    Enjoy the forums, plenty going on all the time!!! :p
  17. Which site would that be then? :roll:

    Oh this site!!! :LOL:

    Welcome to the madhouse....
  18. Big welcome to you from a fellow nutter.
  19. thanks to all, its brilliant
  20. Welcome aboard si-1000, pull up a pew and let the insanity begin.....just don't let those little voices in your head take a hold of you...sorry I mean the voices of the other Netriders :p
    lmao nah just kidding we are a great bunch, sit back and enjoy the ride! :grin: