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A hot little Italian

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bangalla, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Her name's Nina :grin:




    My wife's agreed to let her move in :cool:
  2. lol nice bike... I looked at the title and thought it was a spam bot.. then i was like WOW pics ;) but it was a bike instead

    nice bike what the specs?
  3. It's a 695 Monster, fresh off the dealership floor.
  4. Bangalla - that is one sexy looking bike. Love the colors. Congratulations! Bet you can't stop looking at it. Bet you can't stop grinning! :grin:
  5. Thanks Rosie, I'm over the moon with my new bike, I've been grinning like a loon all day.

    I realised after quite a bit of thought that there really wasn't any other type of bike that I wanted no matter how good they might be. The whole reason I wanted to be able to ride a bike was to have a Ducati, so this is a decade old dream come true.
  6. Very nice! Must be so much nicer than the Virago 250cc you were riding around! :grin:
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    wow....very nice bike! now will the wife join in for some three way fun with her? :p
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    I think we're beginning to see how your mind works. :roll:
  10. It is a world away from the little cruiser (Thank God). A set of pipes are on my list, but I think the best performance enhancement I can get will be a stay upright course or the like. I'm going to see if the 'loud pipes save lives' argument will wash once my tax cheque comes back.

    I'm trying to convince SWMBO that she should get her license, she's not convinced yet.
  11. I love it, Bangalla. It looks amazing :cool:

    Sounds like you're right where you want to be now there's a Ducati in your life, congratulations :grin:
  12. nothing wrong with how my mind works :)

    I reckon a set of pipes would just make it perfect....are termi's the "obligatory" cans for a duke or something?
  13. Congrats bangalla - nice looking ride you've got - be carefull and enjoy
  14. I knew i was in albury tonight for a reason, in the morning i shall be gone don't be suprised if you monster is as well :p jokes mate very nice
  15. bloody nice mate, i was looking at the 695, but i couldnt betray the VTR! :p
    the red frame really does make it that much better. i reckon though staintunes and polished rims on top would look absolute sex

  16. congrats!
    you're still grinning right at this very moment arent you :p
  17. WOW Nice bike!!!

    congrats on your new bike

  18. Congrats Bangalla, I bet you haven't stopped smiling.

    È una ragazza bella.

  19. now thats SEX
  20. Thanks for all of your kind comments. Nina is an absolute joy to ride, although after the cruiser I certainly fell like I'm learning a lot of stuff all over again.

    One of the big challenges is re-evaluating familiar roads, all of a sudden 80km/h corners are now 100+ kh/h corners and that takes a bit of getting through my head. I'm sure that I'll feel much more confident once the shine is off the tyres and the brakes are bedded in a little more.

    Sorry mate, she likes to be tied down, if you get my drift :wink: