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A Hornet Is Not A Camel

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RobE, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. This morning she gave two discreet warning coughs and just as I pulled over the fire went out. The trip meter said 171 kilometers.

    I knew the Hornet 600 had a limited range so I filled the tank on Sunday night and reset the trip meter just to see.

    I will have to practice finding the Reserve tap on the run. This is second time we have run dry and she does not enjoy restarting when thirsty.

    The 171 Ks were mainly on country roads, with 80 & 90 speed limits.

    I would be interested to hear what sort of distances other Hornet 600 riders get.
  2. That sounds bad to me. How much fuel do you get in it?

    I would have thought a bike like that would get around 300km.
  3. I thought my spada was bad when it only gets 180kms before reserve... (9 litres)
  4. :rofl:

    ok - here's my experiences

    Normal commuting: 180-190kms before reserve
    Freeway: 220kms before reserve


    I just had my carbs re-synched. apparently they were all out of wack.
    and i got 219kms before reserve on a trip including some commuting, some freeway, and my new big rear sprocket.

    so maybe you need to look at your air filter & carbs?
  5. If the age you have up on your profile is true, then you have no problem!!
    I know of another hornet 600 rider, who has found a way to cover his bike's issue with small autonomy: He claims he has "prostate" issues, so we stop at every servo, so he can "empty" and "fill up" his tanks...
    :rofl: :rofl:
  6. that does not sound good at all.

    My Hornet 9 off a 19l tank will get 290k's before the reserve light comes on and I calculate I will get to 350 without

    Are they similar sized tanks????

    Get a H9 :LOL:

  7. And I thought this post was going to be something to do with Paul not being a drinker... :p
  8. So on a middle of the road 600 I would be expecting 250-280 km.

    Get it tuned and rejetted. It will not only return better economy, but will go harder. Honda's tend to run quite rich across all jets.
  9. Reserve kicks in at 13l. What is, if he filled the tank with the side stand and not all the way to the top, if the bike stopped as he was going up(down) hill, the fuel he put was crap, he was pushing the bike at high revs..==
    I would calc the 171km not at 13l but 12.. That would push up his normal autonomy to 230km/h.. and that's what the other riders claim..
    He could clean airfilter, more tyre pressure.. another service for tuning.. i doubt if he can get 10km more at the end..

    But 200km is not bad.. It's a nice excuse to get off the bike and revive survive a bit..
  10. the other problem with the Hornet 600, especially early ones, it they suffer from an air lock problem in their fuel tank. Meaning you'll switch to reseve then fill in 11 litres & go 'what the heck!!'

    what you need to do it fill it, then hold the bike & gently rock it left & right. the fuel level will drop & you can add more.


    fill it really slowly.
  11. I usually get around 220kms around town and normal touring type riding before I go to reserve. The WORST I've ever got was 180kms, and I was wicking it up for the whole tank-full. You should definitely be getting more than 180 around town; sounds like tune-up time, start with iridium plugs, expensive but absolutely worth it.
  12. 180 k is bad, should get much more. My bike hits reserve at 240, ive gone 350k once before, i had to, i was praying for about an hour, but it still had about about 1ltr left when i got it to a servo :shock:
  13. Hey Menion
    I have a 2000 GSXF, I only get ~180 -200ks on a good week. If I twist it more it goes down. What secrets should I be looking for, how often should it be tuned, how often should I change airfilter, etc, etc, etc.

  14. You should definately be getting better than that oldwolf. I never do any servicing myself, always done at a dealer. I do this as im not good enough at mechanical side of things, also im a bit lazy, so will miss things out. I get 240 k at city riding, with lots of throttle, if i want to ride economically, i can hit 300 before reserve, but it is very boring :cry: I also use 98, so maybe this gets better mileage, ive never used 91. as far i is am aware, the 2000 gsxf has the same motor, so shouldnt be any difference really. Get a full service, maybe ask mechanic to check carb, as fuel consumption is high.
  15. Thanks for the good advice guys. Appreciate it.

    Next step is a tune up. I will see if the 900 tank fits the 600.
  16. mmm, don't think it will, the 900 is a completely different bike. Once you get it tuned you should get up over 200+kays normal riding, and as someone else has said, filling up then gives you a good opportunity for a rest and a chat anyway.....
  17. I usually get 190 - 200 km before switching to reserve when commuting,

    The Hornet does have a very small reserve tap, the best way to find it while on the move, is to run your hand up the ridge on the bottom of the tank, move your hand towards the front of the bike and you will bump into the reserve tap
  18. ... and then jam your fingers between the tap and the rocker cover as you attempt to switch through to reserve :rofl:
  19. Well that's an extra 50ks to what I get on my 4000km-old Hornet 900. :( I'm running on regular unleaded but I wouldn't have thought it would make that kind of difference. Why might that be?