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A hole 4wd's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Went for a nice sunday ride today, no problems apart from when I was close to home some ass hole black 4wd, was driving up my ass after the slow piece of crap finally caught up to me after I took off from the lights, left him behind, got up to about 70kph on a 60 road, this asshole was driving at my butt I pulled the throttle got up from 70 to 80 in a few seconds again he caught up and was right behind me, he then overtook me on the left hand side of a single lane road over gravel doing at least 100 if not more (in a 60 zone).
    Think he was pissed because I lane split the traffic at the lights and was first
    who else gets assholes after lane splitting???

  2. i get that too but just laugh about it. then I split again to get in front of him.

    i also find 4wds and utes some of the most aggressive drivers....

    still i try to not take too serious an attitude about it all, they after all are stuck in their cages tied to the traffic, we can get in front and dont wait as much
  3. I drive a 4wd, we are not all like that.

    Sorry you came across one bad driver.

    I see bad drivers everyday, they drive all sorts of vehicles.
  4. Assholes like that but a smile on my face cause I know what they are thinking ..
    " Damn .. I so wanna be THAT guy / Gal " :LOL:
  5. No, they're thinking "fcuk, I am so pissed off I bought this piece of shit, I can't sell it because the resale has gone to shit due fuel prices, and I can't afford to keep running it. I know, I will take my anger out on everyone else."
    Regards, Andrew.
  6. More stereotypes though (the caped crusader returns!): this was an 'a hole' driver, leave the poor fourby out of it!
  7. yeah, a bit of a generalisation on my part there pete. i guess the size can be a bit intimidating at times...
  8. I guess the point is, rather than trying to find *any* pattern to stereotype on (I know, tough because humasn are pattern-recognition machines and will find fake patterns if there aren't real ones to be found) - whether that be 'cagers' or race or type of vehicle or suburb or... - instead just realise that it's all humans. Humans are the problem - there are an immense range of them on the planet, and a very tiny minority are careless, thoughtless, possibly sociopathic. You can ascribe it to all these other characteristics, but the point is it's just this small group of dud humans. And there's no monopoly on them in any subsector of humanity, be it race, class or vehicle preference. You can focus on the tiny minority of wankers, or you can focus on the majority of good, decent, considerate people, and even better on the minority of amazing, kind, generous people. And what you focus on you become...
  9. I ride a motorbike AND drive a 4wd - try towing a boat with a motorbike! So how do you characterise me? As has been said, the problem is the driver not the machine. You should feel ok to vent on this forum re the 4wd driver so long as you dont mind the 4wd driver venting on some other forum about the a'hole motorcyclist who lane split then blah blah blah...
  10. I drive a 4wd, and as above we aren't all bad. I see bad(or is it irresponsible) Drivers and Riders as well. I have even seen curteous Taxi Drivers too!
  11. Typical scenario:

    You split to the front, lights go green and you take off. Cagers are just rolling forward as you cross the other side of the intersection. You ride on (90 in a 80 zone, whatever) and then back off to the speed limit. Isn't it funny how always they catch up and some pass you?

    Repeat again at the next set of lights. :roll:
  12. I didnt say all 4wd are a-holes (just most of them including the 1 I saw today, ute drivers are in the majority bad class too/pushy bastards)

    and as far as towing your boat try this

  13. Yeah, Tomcatalex, I should have noted that my little riff on stereotypes was a response to a heap of threads over the past few months and particularly the last couple of weeks, rather than to this thread specifically. We know what you meant. But still, the title is not that helpful - your story is the story of one driver, so why make it about a whole class of vehicles?
  14. Because the majority of people who drive those types of vehicles on the roads in the city are muppets who will never take the 4wd where it's designed to be used (offroad) and only drive it because it makes them feel 'safe' because of it's size or to compensate for other things.

    Problem is, the majority of drivers who own them can't drive properly anyway and this is compounded when they're behind the wheel of such a large vehicle.

    Stereotype stands AFAIK - I see one, I steer clear. 'Specially around the more affluent suburbs.

    My 2c
  15. You make it sound like getting squished by a 4wd is going to hurt more than getting squished by some other four wheeled contraption, as well as more likely. It's not. Just because this one duck-headed-goose, was being an absolute tool, don't paint everyone with a brush. This moronic-excuse-for-being-a-tosser, is a prime example of when we, ourselves, can use the dob in a hoon hotline. Pull Over, ring the cops(And while your at it... the EPA for tossing rubbish out the window).

    What he did was stupid and unsafe. I doubt if a cop would let you off a ticket for doing 90 in a 60 zone(is this High enough for "hoon" laws?), even if you were trying to get away from a lunatic. I believe your told to either slow down, or pull over(well at least that is what I was told at HART).

    My 4wd's are seldom offroad, But... They do go off the road. And not just into my garage, but into paddock's accross streams, and regularly get used for moving furniture. you can't move a couch on the back of a Honda.(Unless you live in Thailand that is). As has been said before. The guy was a wanker. The 4wd is just the tool.

    In response to the "most won't ever use them where they are designed to go"

    You can't tell me a cx9, x5, lexus,etc... are designed to be driven through rivers, swamps, sand and salt, up mountain ranges. They are luxury People Movers. Certainly not a stereo-type definition if a 4wd.
    Most of the people who buy high performance car's/bikes will never race them.

    When you have been made squishy, there is just squishy. It's not like grinding coffee beans.... "I'd like to be ground extra course thank you!"
  16. Yeah but the extra performance of a sportscar/bike is an added benefit in normal conditions (it's called active safety). A soft-roader on the other hand may seem safer, but the decreased handling stability, braking ability, and acceleration compared to a similar sedan can make them far more likely to be involved in a crash. Especially if they do something as stupid as to tailgate something smaller with a much greater braking ability.
  17. Hey! My Lexus LX470 has done all of that, and more. It does it very well, thank you very much. I even have a picture of it a metre off the ground, jumping sand dunes. :LOL: :LOL: :cool:

    There was an X5 on a 4WD driving course I did once. It was a bit funny though, as the road tyres just spun up on the steep, hard packed dirt tracks. But they tried hard . . . and banged the underside quite a bit. :oops:
  18. the 470 is the very nicely tarted up Land Cruiser isn't it?
  19. Jelous people like that make me laugh!

    Sorry I bought a bike and spent my money wisley! Now you can sit there in peak hour traffic in that massive thing that was designed for OFF-ROAD use.

    But yea I just let them do what they wanna do to make themselves feel a bit better before i "effortlessly" pass them again!
  20. Even though I curse and curse, you will never get rid of or educate the a--holes on the roads.

    My observations so far confirm that ute drivers are to be approached with caution. Most of the ones I've come across have the "Got to get ahead of this person" mentality.

    However, the drivers who really use their ute's for work, seem to be the exception, courteous and leave/give space.

    Yesterday was a day for tools in white cars/station wagons. The classic, I'll merge into you because I'm bigger and I'll overtake you because you're doing the legal limit.

    If I had a chance yesterday, I would of shook the hand of the 4WD behind me when I was going out to Googong Dam. The road was posted 100 and I am only allowed to do 80 when in NSW. The driver didn't get up my clacker or use the horn.