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A guy gets stopped by a police officer...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by mattb, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. A guy gets stopped by a police officer for speeding.

    The police officer says to the guy "Is this your car?" The guy replies "No, I stole it yesterday." The Policeman then says "Can I see your driving licence?" The guy replies "No, I am banned for 10 years." The policeman then says he is going to search the car. The guy says "OK, but be careful of the glove box, that's where I keep my gun!" "Your GUN?" says the copper. "Yes" says the guy "I used it to kill the woman whose body is in the boot of this car!"

    "Right!" says the cop "stay right there while I call for an armed backup unit". He does this and when it arrives another copper, armed to the teeth, approaches the car. He asks the driver who owns the car. "I do" says the guy "here is the registration document in my name along with my driving licence, which as you can see is perfectly clean!" "I believe you have a gun in your glove box that you used to kill a woman whose body is in the boot" says the copper. "Nonsense" says the guy, and carefully opens the glove box and the boot, both of which are completely empty. The armed cop says "That is really odd Sir, but this other officer told me you had stolen this car, were banned from driving, had a gun in the glove box and a woman's dead body in your boot"

    "Yes" replied the guy "And I bet the swine also said I was speeding!!!!"

  2. LOL! I wonder if there's a straight faced con artist that could actually pull that off.
  3. I love it!!!!
    hahahaha kudos!!!!

    haven't laughed so much in agggesss
  4. Without getting maced, tazed or shot.
  5. I'd take a tazer for that. :LOL:
  6. old but amusing :)
  7. yeah id take a tazer blast for that. probably the mace too.. think a bullet would be a bit too far though. great joke.. got another joke like that.

    lady gets pulled over by the highway patrol, copper walks up to her window and says "do you know why i pulled you over miss?"
    she replies " i guess its to invite me to the highway police ball?"
    copper says" highway police dont have balls."
    and walks away.