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A Guide to buying bike (suspension perspective)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fred_kroft, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. When I brought my GSX-R1000 nearly 5 years ago now, I did the mistake of
    not checking the suspension sagg before buying the bike. It was only after a
    few 100km that I noticed the rear spring tension was way too hard. It wasn't
    able to soften it without replacing the rear spring.

    Moral: get stuff like this sorted before you put a deposit down. Either
    the dealer will agree to mod the bike free of charge, or you select another

    I have got some excellent notes on suspension setting if anyone
    wants them. They describe a step-by-step method. It also describes
    sagg tolerances for dirt, street and track settings. I wish I had this
    information when I brought my Gixxer.

    I've also got hold of the KTM Superduke/Adventurer PDF Service Manuals
    if anyone wants them.


  2. Agreed, when i bought the 03 zx6, the suspension was way too hard, and with not enough adjustability to make it rideable. It cost me a grand to fix it, to make the bike what it should have been.

    New bike was too soft.. so i put a zx6 shock in it :)
  3. Eat more donuts. :grin:
  4. somebody suggested ballast before. not a bad solution to an expensive
    problem. a lead brick strapped to the sub-frame or something like that.
    You could even remove it when dinkying. There you are-- fully
    adjustable rear spring tension.