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A Grin From Ear to Ear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Did anyone catch Top Gear last night and witness the grin on Clarkson's face after he finished chucking a hissy fit about having to ride in Vietnam?
    He's a known bike hater and now he's secretly converted I think despite what he said at the end of the show.

    The 3 bikes they had did a fantastic job until they were destroyed in the final challenge.

    1600km on Vietnamese roads would be a fair ask.
  2. I suspect it would have been before the special was filmed. I don't know the ins and outs of it, but I would guess that Clarkson would have required a UK bike licence in order to ride legally abroad. Not to mention the insurance implications for a high value celebrity.
  3. Probably right, it was funny watching him just drop the thing when he stopped, but I'm sure it was an act.

    Clarkson crashing the bike on the other hand was hilarious :LOL:
  4. Yeah, from the handlebar cam it looked like it would have stung a bit.

    But, I think it illustrates just how well Top Gear works that most of the time you know it's a set-up, but it's still good and still funny.
  5. One of the best top gear eps I have seen. Clarkson falling off the bike was hilarious :LOL:
  6. I said about five minutes beforehand I was surprised one of them hadn't crashed, and then down he went...
    ...took it in his stride though, maybe secretly he is a rider.

    Also raises the question again, would a TG style motorcycle show work?
    Put me down for a hell yes!
  7. Oh a TG style bike show would be great, with the right host/s, and not which a couple of guys that are trying to be like Clarkson and the other two, like on TG Australia :(

  8. For some one that supposedly could not ride and hated bikes, He learnt to ride it pretty quickly,
    Its just a beat up for tee vee, But it was funny,
  9. Chef, you and I could host a show like that, and do a bloody good job of it too.
  10. Hell yes, I'm in. You do the ride tests, I'll do the crash tests. Should be good.
  11. BUGGER!!!! I missed it.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to what channel so I can look for the repeat showing(if Foxtel).
  12. easily one of the best and yeah that article about abot clarkson on the scooter was prior to the filming
  13. Can i be the one that can't really ride all that well but gets all the chic's...?
    i called it first so its mine mofo's...

    wait i could do a special on splitting and court appreances...
  14. Damn, I'm cursing myself for missing this week's episode - would have loved to have seen it!

    Seriously, why don't a group of us develop a proposal or concept for a TG Motorcycle show and try and market it to prospective sponsors, producers and networks etc?


    "I live my life a corner at a time.... Knee down!"
  15. Brownyy?
  16. Nope; "guess who's back" is a slim shady quote... a dear quote i like to use alot... can be used in many elements of day to day life; for instance; a greeting into a group, 'guess who's back' (whilst going the singing part)... maybe it's cause i was hooked on the album during school years....ok end rant.
  17. i think there is a motorcycle show on melbournes community tv channel with a host with such personality everyone is in awe of him, thats just what i've heard here before :LOL:
  18. There's an old clip floating around of Jeremy Clarkson riding a motorcycle around a track (iirc, it was local roads blocked off to make a track, not unlike albert park). So yes, he knows how to ride, and has ridden before, his cluelessness is just a beat up... a well done beat up though.
  19. I think he means a quality, well produced motorbike show! :grin: No offence, it is what it is, but it's really hard to watch!

    ATMO, I don't think we're mainstream enough to get one, but you never know... Sales are up, more people on bikes.