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A Great Weekends Riding...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Just thought I'd share my positive experience on the weekend:

    Saturday - Had to go into work, decided to ride. What normally is a bloody awful slog through peak hour traffic into the city and out the side was a glorious exercise in mild-traffic commuting. Haven't had that much fun doing my usual commute in years.

    Sunday - Went on a group ride with 3 of my mates, from Hornsby to Richmond and back again via Kattai Ridge Rd and Berowra Waters. No one came off, no one even came close. Nodded to and got nods from racer-boys, ulysses types, 1%ers and even a guy on a custom trike. I managed to keep pace (if not out-pace) a CBR250, GSXR600 and a VTR1000. I'll tell you, this Hyosung (even with the restrictors on) is a bloody great little bike, holds the corners like a sports bike, but with all the comfort of a cruiser.

    Anyhoo, just thought I'd share.

    Anyone else have a great weekends riding??
  2. Yeah, Saturday evening I went out to Penrith and then along to Windsor. Nice pleasant ride. Yesterday, rode out to the Colo river just on dusk and watched the sunset. Nice evening for ride. Looking forward to giving myself a bit more time this weekend and venturing out a bit further.

    Cheers All......
  3. Pete glad you had a good day of riding and thanks for sharing it with us

  4. Sounds like someone had a good time :]

    Well we headed out yesterday early in the morning - up the dandenongs throught to warburton and through to the Black Spurs. Very nice morning ride. Headed back home and was greeted by a not so nice txt message. A guy who was riding with us low sided his brand spankin new GSXR600 OUCH!!! luckily no damage to himself apart from his pride but bike ended up with some scuff marks. Luckily also he got insurance.... so no bitchin about paying $1500 anymore.

    So apart from that great weekend - they should ban cars out on the roads between 8am - 5pm. Would make riding so much more enjoyable
  5. Pete, great to hear you had a good weekend of riding... I myself spent a lovely Saturday on the bike, nice sunny day, nice smooth ride to Healesville and great company for lunch (even met a few netriders in Kinglake)... ahhh, i wish every day was like that :grin:

    Gypsy, my little bro lives in that area, he's just bought an 01' CBR600f4, i'd be interested in finding out a few good roads so i can let him know where's best to go....
  6. .....sides, so would I... ;-) I've only been riding about a month. Still discovering the roads etc. Venturing further and further out as I get up teh confidence. Do what I did and get some maps from NRMA or NSW Tourism or something. Helps to plan your rides a bit. Alternatively, I'm sure there are people on the forums here who can recommend some great roads to try.

  7. I had an AWESOME ride on Saturday afternoon.... H U G E ride.... Washed the bike first, nice, clean and masculinly sexy.... All 1400cc of steroid pumpin power...

    Oh, and then the ride, all the way from my drive into the garage..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Glad you had a fun weekend.
  8. At least the beast is nice & clean eh Mitch...

    You more than made up for it the other weekend eh??
  9. Yes, next year he will be bitching about paying $2000 for insurance :cry: