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A great Day

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by steve2909, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Saturday morning; I awoke early as the first rays of sunlight permeated my bedroom. The dappled light flickered across the ceiling and my walls from the vibrating blinds. I suddenly hear the faint sounds of someone whispering my name. It was Jezebel! She was awakening from her slumber in the garage and she too could sense that the promise I had made her the night before would soon be realised.

    I stumbled downstairs and flicked the switch on the kettle then shuffled into the garage and said good morning to Jezebel. She was on her centrestand at this time as I had caressed and fondled her chain yesterday which was still wet and rearing to go. After downing a small cup of instant I pulled on my draggin’s and smiled to myself in anticipation of the day that lay ahead.

    As I straddled Jezebel and released her off the centrestand I made the usual 20 point turn in the garage and operated the auto door opener. The door rattled open and I could see the blue skies tainted with small remnants of clouds parading towards the north. I rolled her down the drive and started her up. As she roared into life I could hear the faint sound of a motorcycle exhaust buzzing in the distance. A few moments later I saw the black silhouette of Luke on his R6 riding along my street. After a brief chat we both rode along the unusually traffic free streets to McGraths Hill. As we rode towards our destination we saw several marked police vehicles already preparing to swoop on unsuspecting motorists. As we rode past the huge conglomeration of buildings known as the Rouse Hill Shopping Plaza we noticed that roads ahead were shrouded with thick fog.

    Upon our arrival at McGraths Hill at 7:50 am we were greeted by the familiar smiles of Karl and Kim and a deliberate scowl from Jeff who were sitting at a table outside Maccas. After a brief chat Luke and I entered into the softly lit Maccas where I ordered a cup of their finest and Luke a paper wrapped delicacy from the eatery. Not long after arriving Dave and Kate rode into the carpark, removed their helmets and displayed large grins. The usual banter was then carried out as we waited for the fog to lift and the arrival of Jakob and Bouf. The pair appeared a short time later and did it so sveltely we didn’t even notice them until we heard the familiar sound of their side stands being kicked towards the bitumen in the carpark.

    The fog lifted very quickly and we all mounted our steeds. Bouf bade us farewell and headed off in the opposite direction. After refuelling at the Mobile and after Luke had deposited his breakfast in the garage’s well used china bowl we all headed off towards the Putty Road in formation. The traffic was light as we cruised politely past the undulating fields and scattered livestock. Their scent filled the air and informed me that we were about to leave the city behind. The exhaust sounds of all the bikes filtered through my helmet whilst the gentle breeze made its usual swooshing sound. This sound increased to a familiar roaring noise as my right hand decided not to restrain itself any longer. Steady, steady I said to myself, remembering that this was double demerits and there would be a police car hidden in every nook and cranny ready to pounce. By this time I had already overtaken Kim, Dave, Luke, Kate and Karl. The right hand reluctantly reduced the throttle and I entered into cruise mode.

    It wasn’t long before the twists, turns and sweepers of Colo interrupted my meditative state and the corners of my mouth began to turn up. Jakob and Jeff were ahead and I watched their collective dance as they attempted to warm up their tyres even more. Then Jakob’s and Jeff’s bikes leapt into life as they hurtled towards the horizon. It was time! My right wrist could no longer contain my urges and I too found myself rushing towards them. Jakob’s knees jutted out as his bike leaned towards the corners and vanished out of sight as he rounded the bends. The tree lined roads turned into swirls of greens and browns as the bugs splattered against my visor attempting to blur this vision even further. The dappled light created a Doppler effect as the light filtered through the tree’s canopies and began to mesmerise my senses. It was then that I took notice of the newly laid bitumen. Was it dark because it was so new? No it was still damp and this realisation began to tame my enthusiasm. I could see glimpses of Karl in my mirrors as I began to slow down. Where was a good place to pull over? Ah there it was and I pulled to a stop in a gravel bay. I waved Karl past and gave him the thumbs up. I turned off the engine and was greeted by the chorus of birds roosting in the trees overhead and the chirps of amorous crickets. I had pulled over because I wanted to ensure that those behind were alright as I didn’t want to see any bad incidents on such a perfect riding day. As I waited to hear the roaring of the bikes I knelt down, removed my gloves and wiped my hand across the black pitch. It was very wet and I could see the glistening droplets of water trapped in the small dimples of the road.

    Five minutes later Dave roared past and I gave him the thumbs up, followed by Kim and Kate who was bringing up the rear. As their sound diminished into the distance I lit a cigarette and thought I’ll catch them soon enough. After extinguishing the cancer stick I kicked Jezebel back to life and hit the road. Time to give her something she was craving and snapped back on the throttle. She roared along effortlessly and I glanced down at the speedo…hmm!! Haven’t done that speed for a few weeks? A short time later I saw the shape of a bike in the distance. I said to myself Jezebel “Do your thing!†and as I flew past this bike I was able to just make out it was Kate. “Now to round up the others!†I said to myself as I formed a wicked grin. Whooa!! Kim was upon me before I knew it and I gave her the thumbs up as I shot past. “Whose next?†Jezebel ate up the sweepers and screamed I want more as I could see Dave up ahead. As I screamed past I could see Dave had already positioned himself across his fuel tank in a racers pose. “What was he thinking under that helmet?†I thought. As Dave became a small speck in my mirrors I noticed that he would not disappear from my view. “He must be really giving her some stick!†Finally he disappeared from view and I wondered who my next victim would be? Then I saw her, the familiar black stealth fighter ahead. “Aha! It was Luke, time to really hit the go button!†As I approached Luke I saw his head glance into his mirrors several times. I knew that Luke loved to buzzed at high speed so I didn’t disappoint as I rushed past with a fury of wind by my side. A short time later I had Jeff in my sights and I whizzed past him with a quick nod. It wasn’t long before I noticed the public telephone sign on the side of road foretelling me that the Half Way House was not far away. As I approached the Half Way House I could see that Jakob and Karl’s bikes were parked unattended in close proximity to the road. I pulled up along side their bikes and planted the side stand into the wet soil and dismounted.

    After 10 minutes the whole group was reunited and we chatted for a few minutes. A rider on a bronze blackbird who had rode in a short time ago walked over to our bikes and began to look interestingly at the bikes and us. He then started up a conversation as we bade farewell to Dave and Kate. They had planned to have lunch at Broke and would be splitting from the group at the Broke turn off. Jeff took off to identify some good photography locations but was immediately followed by the majority of the group. The unknown blackbird rider was anxious to know how we all organise these types of rides and I managed to tell him about this forum before I too was mounting Jezebel and hurtling down the road towards the delicious Ten Mile section.

    After rounding up Kate, Kim and Dave I found myself on the gentle slopes leading to Ten Mile. “Should I take it easy?†I thought to myself and remembered Jeff’s conversation earlier where he had stated “I’m gonna take it easy today mate, new tyres and I feel like cruising.†“Bugger that!†I thought, “I’m gonna have some fun!†As I eased my way into the first of many 45km corners I noticed that some sections of the road, particularly the shaded areas were still a little damp. “Maybe I’ll take it a little easier then.†My right hand cared to rebel against these thoughts and decided to increase my momentum. “Who was I to argue?†I love this road and its surface and even the negative thoughts that I allowed to creep into my consciousness would not stop me pushing Jezebel a little bit harder on each corner. As I rounded a corner I could see Jeff in the distance. “Was he pushing it?†I thought. “Well I’m about to find out!†I approached Jeff as he rounded a tight 35km corner. I saw his head glance down at the mirrors on notice me on his tail. “Yeah he’s taking it easy today but I’ll stay behind him.†I thought. Jeff’s knees jutted out on every corner as he negotiated each twist in the road. “Yeah, this is an ok pace I thought, and “damn it I’m still enjoying it. I don’t need to catch up with the others, besides they would be long gone by now.†As we both rode out of the twisties my thoughts turned to the others. “Better pull over and wait for them here!†I then waved to Jeff that all was well and pulled to the side of the road. I noticed a yellow and black speck appear in the distance and before I knew it the speck loomed large and I recognised it as Dave. “Damn he’s really giving it to her today!†I thought as he nodded his head as he screamed past. Relief, as Kim rode past shortly followed by Kate. “Everyone is ok.†I thought as I reboarded Jezebel. “Time for some right wrist action!†As I passed by Kate I could see that she was giving her bike more than she usually does and smiled. Kim was not that far ahead and as I rode past I saw her head bob up and down. “She must be thinking, I thought everyone was going to take it easy today!†Dave was waiting for Kate at the Broke turnoff as I flew past and immediately entered a lovely left hand sweeper which felt like a 60 km corner due to my speed.

    After meeting up with the others at the pub near the wooden bridge (about 20km from Singleton) we noticed that a large convoy of vehicles were approaching our location. We all collectively screamed “Shit lets get out of here!†as we scurried to don our helmets and mount up. “Made it†I thought as I accelerated up the road towards the old bridge. Looking down at my mirrors told me that almost everyone else had as well. “20 kays to Singleton, time give her some again†I thought. “Cops? I’ll see them miles off if they are around.†Hitting nearly twice the legal speed limit I noticed that a white commodore was also expediting its journey by exceeding the posted limit. “Radar bait, I’ll stick with him.†Suddenly, a highly visible purple marked police car appeared ahead of us from a blind corner. “Geez, just our luck! What speed were we doing?†The brake lights on the commodore suddenly activated. “Too late now!†I thought, but the police vehicle sped past and seemingly ignored both of us. “Maybe his radar was switched off? I hope the others see him a bit quicker than I did?†We all met up at the servo on the approaches of Singleton’s town centre. Those that needed to refuelled and we all laughed about the police sighting before we headed off again towards the New England Highway. “Kim this time we’re all going to take it easy†I said before we left. Kim replied with an ironic grin; “No-one has taken it easy since we left today!â€

    The highway was filled with all manner of vehicles after being lured out by the irresistible sunshine. The run along the highway to Sydney was indeed taken easy by all except for a couple of high speed bursts by some of the group. This run was a little boring so a few incidences of drag racing occurred at several traffic lights. “People pay good money to visit the Hunter Valley†I thought as we trundled along the freeway. “I wonder where the cops will be hiding?†I only spotted one solitary police vehicle as we headed towards Beaumont Street. As we collectively turned right into Beaumont Street we were cheered by a small group of teenage girls who were on the pavement. We’d arrived at our destination.

    A short time after parking our bikes Dan approached us with a beaming smile and said; “Guys good see you all and thanks for coming.†We then entered an Irish pub across the road and ordered from the lunch menu. After downing a few quiet soft drinks, eating the flesh of animals and leaving a generous tip we headed back outside to our waiting bikes. It was two o’clock so the general consensus was to head home via the Pacific Highway. Dan generously thanked us all for coming before we all departed.

    We all rode along the Pacific Highway up to the F3 Express freeway playing with the traffic along the way. Jakob appeared to be having fun on the sweepers as we rode past Lake Munmora. “Wonder if he cares about double demerits today?†I giggled under my helmet. As we merged onto the F3 I decided that it was again time to lose some fuel in a hurry. Playing leapfrog with the traffic I thought; “I should be safe, cause if anyone sees a cop all the traffic will slow down pretty quick!†I was surprised by a 4WD containing a family with young children was really travelling at a fair rate. “I’ll stick with this one I thought.†I hadn’t noticed the police patrol vehicle monitoring the Northbound traffic as I sped along. At the freeway turnoff to Peats Ridge I stopped and waited for the others to arrive. Karl informed me that that police vehicle had U-turned in front of him and Kim and was heading south. I had seen this vehicle take the Peats Ridge turn off as I waited for the others. After regrouping we all rode down the Old Pacific Highway towards Peats Ridge.

    “Where was that cop car? Did it turn down here to catch us out?†I thought. That was the last police car I would see during the rest of my journey. As I rode along the Old Pac towards Road Warriors I was surprised on many corners that a small stream of water was flowing across the road. At one particular corner which I was taking quite fast this water was mixed with small stones and mud. The front slipped a little as did my heartbeat and I decided that for today enough was enough and slowed down. The fact that Jakob had informed me of Paul’s off during lunch also contributed to this decision. We all stopped at Road Warriors and said our farewells before heading back up the Old Pac towards Berowra. We had been told at Road Warriors that a motorcycle cop had been sighted somewhere up that way. We all took it easy except for the last few twisties up the mosaic black snaed road where we had our last bit of fun. Luke and I then continued to Berowra onto the F3, Pacific Highway, Eastern Distributor to home.

    Arrived at home at 5:00 pm and parked Jezebel in her usual spot in the garage and removed my helmet. “What a great day, great people, great roads, great weather and no incidents.†I thought.

    Can’t wait to do it all again!
  2. A Great read, a perfect day.
    WOW .. You should write novels.
  3. Thanks VCM just had a little time on my hands this arvo...never posted a ride report before so I thought I might as well give it a go..... :grin:
  4. Agreed great read. :cool:
  5. Great write up Steve, :grin:

    but WERE WAS MY INVITE!!!!! :mad:

    So much for miss kim not riding to busy on saturday!

    You had a great day for it. :grin:
    Cheers Lou
  6. Hi Lou and thanks. I didn't post up any ride details because it wasn't going to be a formal ride and I was also informed that there there was a girls only ride on the same day. Would have loved to have you along if I knew you were free :grin:
  7. thats not waht you told me blackbird1. :wink:

    i thought you said VIPs only eh???
  8. No Speedy :wink: :LOL: You will be spanked severely by a band of marauding lesbos if you tell any more lies..... :LOL: :LOL:
  9. i wont tell anymore lies, but can you send those lesbos, over im blindfolded and not looking.... :cool: :cool:
  10. Nice read... I thought it was going to be r rated what with the stroking and the fondling and the stradling... :LOL:

    Sounds like a top day. :)
  11. Had planned on doing rec run but with RNP being wet & first time trip for me thought I'd do more packing instead. However.........

    I wasn't actually invited Lou, I crashed the party.
    Thanks Steve for letting me stay on.

    Was a good day, the weather gods were good to us.

    As for everyone taking it easy.......my speedo obviously requires recalibrating cos my 100 limit is somewhat different to everyone elses :p :p

    Was glad to get home though was in heaps of pain & won't be riding this week.
  12. ohh didums.... :p need someone to kiss it all better?? :grin:
  13. Got it covered, but thanks Dan for the offer :LOL:
  14. i wasnt offering.. i was going to offer kim your lips mate..... :cool:
  15. Terrific write-up Steve.

    I'll never be able to look at my moist chain in public without feeling a bit embarrassed though.

  16. Thanks Dean and Wallace look out for the 'X' rated version at your local bookstore with pics :LOL:
  17. Great read Steve!
  18. p0rn reading??

    Good thing you did not describe your sex life, after reading about your ride (on the bike)
    Who needs video with descriptions like that!! Well done
  19. very nice write up steve, and to all of those that attend i hate you all :p :LOL: