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A* GP PRO LEATHER JACKET is too hot for now... what to do?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Basileus, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Recently got my license and made a mistake of buying ALPINESTARS GP PRO LEATHER JACKET, it turns out that it's too hot for Gold Coast QLD. The questions is should I keep it for winter and get another jacket (like ALPINESTARS GP-R PERFORATED JACKET or maybe textile?!) or sell it on ebay and buy something else?

    Thanks in advance for your answers and sorry for the lame question ;)
  2. Keep the jacket and buy matching leather pants that zip to it...use it as a possible track day wear. In the mean time you can always buy something more suited for summer.
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  4. I would keep the leather and buy a mesh summer jacket.
  5. As the guys have mentioned - keep the leather jacket & get yourself a decent Mesh/Textile jacket for the regular warmer climate you're in.
    I got my mesh jacket (Top Rider) 1 size bigger (not that it's huge anyway) - this allows for thicker warmer clothing underneath, should you decide to wear thermals/fleece tops during winter months, making it an all-season jacket.
    Shopping for motorbike gear/accessories is always fun...enjoy !
  6. I've been thinking about what summer jacket to buy lately too, and was pretty set on forking out (once I've saved enough and it actually becomes available) for a RS Taichi GMX Motion jacket - perforated leather (http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.a...-Vented-Leather-Motorcycle-Jacket-RSJ825.html).

    I wonder though how good it would be as a summer jacket as compared to a mesh jacket like the Rev'it Air (http://www.revzilla.com/product/revit-air-jacket), which is considerably cheaper and lighter.

    Anyone have any experience with these two types of jacket? Basileus I think has linked to what seems like A* options of the above, although the textile a* is perhaps not a mesh jacket technically.
  7. I have experience with the perforated A* jacket, and the Taichi. I got the taichi to replace the A* as I wasn't that happy with the venting in the A*. The taichi basically sh1ts all over the A*; far, far cooler jacket.
    However, I haven't worn a mesh jacket, so can't comment on that. I imagine it would be way cooler again then the Taichi.
    Whilst the Taichi is good, once you stop moving you're basically wearing 1/2 a cow, and it gets hot, quick. Combined with some humidity, it is not gonna be cold motoring. However, I want the protection of leather first and foremost, so the Taichi is a winner for me.
  8. The mesh jackets are great in summer, although I wouldn't recommend one for hooning around around in as they won't offer as much abrasion resistance as a full leather jacket.

    For around town use they are perfect.
  9. Thanks Paul and ZRX,

    If only I had the cash for both. I don't plan to do any track days in the near future but am concerned about wearing protective gear so would still want the abrasion resistence of a leather jacket. But the textile winter one I have has pretty poor airflow through it so I'm a bit stuck as to having a cool summer jacket.

    I don't ride every day so I guess I could just go with the Taichi and not ride when it's 30+.
  10. I've ended up ordering this T-GP-Plus Textile Jacket:
    http://www.alpinestars.com/shop/categories/moto/jackets/textile/t-gp-plus-textile-jacket/ from ridersdiscount today, brand new model for $219 usd delivered that hit the stores just a week ago.

    Like our trainer during Q-Ride said to me: No matter how great is your jacket it won't help you if it'll stay in your wardrobe. I thought about leather vs textile and realistically during the summer I'll sweat a lot even in the cotton T-Shirt, even a a regular office shirt is much worse not talking about jackets, esp leather ones. Even if my leather jacket had a lot of perforation I don't think it'll be sufficient enough to draw away the heat and sweat that I'll be producing that's why I ended up ordering this one.

    Hope it'll be of any help to others ;-)
  11. I'm not far from you (about 20 k's south) and find even a Cordura jacket with the lining removed and all vents open results in me turning into a Sauna when I stop - can't get everything off quick enough. It's "ok" when going but won't be for too much longer.

    I'm going to try one of these cooling vests http://www.coolweave.com.au/MCVgrey.htm
    There's some reasonable feedback about them at http://www.coolweave.com.au/testimonials.htm
  12. Fair enough. I'm sure that after a while of riding we'll amass a fair collection of gear for all seasons and situations so for me I guess it all depends on what I get now or get later!
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  14. you live on the goldie.. just blend into the crowd and wear a singlet it seems to work for the other 80% of riders up there lol... i do have to agree with the mesh style jackets they are really light and cool but i wouldn't wanna come off wearing one ... seeing u said u dont ride everyday and wanna save some cash i would just put up with the heat mate .... untill you can buy a better vented jacket..
  15. I came off in my mesh jacket and kevlar jeans at about 50kph and slid/rolled down the road about 12 months ago, the jacket was only a tiny bit scuffed (I was pleasantly surprised).

    When I said I wouldn't want to come off I meant in the context of 'hooning', 'track days', '9/10ths mountain scratching' or high speed touring.

    Used in their intended environment (inner city commuting at lower speeds) they are perfectly fine IMO.
  16. I've ordered this mesh jacket. Intend to team it up with a Cool Vest.
    "The Bikers Gear High Temp Jacket will do it all. Any season at nearly any temperature the BG High Temp jacket will perform well.
    The design features ultra breathable, abrasion resistant Polytitanium mesh

    Cool mesh airflow lining
    One of the coolest mesh jackets you will find this season, lightweight and comfortable.
    Custom Fit detailing at collar, cuffs, elbows and waist.
    Two external and one internal pocket Velcro and zipper.
    Zip out quited water proof lining.
    Adjustable cuffs Velcro adjustable bicep straps & waist adjusters ensures that perfect fit

    CE Approved Body Armour, elbow, shoulder and back.
    3M Scotchlite� reflective piping at sides .
    Rubber padding for extra safety
    8 inch rear zip to connect any Bikers Gear Trousers.
    Color is black/grey.
    NOTE: If you need massive amounts of airflow and the protection to back it up this lightweight mesh jacket has the quality and protection you need for
    those hot summer days"
  17. pm ozmotorcycleleathers on this forum, talk to them about getting it perforated. Problem solved.
  18. anyone have any idea how AMX Keilor goes for summer jackets? Been thinking of riding over there to see what I could find but I don't really like the pushy sales people I dealt with last time
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  20. Was actually looking at that one yesterday and hopefully Alex will bring some to the Sydney motorcycle show for me to try and buy when he's here.

    Anyone have any idea what the difference is between that jacket and this one: