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A* GP pro gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I just got a pair of Alpine stars GP Pro gloves.
    At $249 they were not cheap.
    It was yet another impulse buy. I hate having days off.


    Anyway, they look pretty cool part of the reason why I bought them.
    They have a great feel on the bike. I could feel a different type of vibration compared to my A* sp3 glove and Dainese winter gloves (forget the name).
    The touring sp3 glove felt a lot better to ride around in,much thinner and alot more comfortable however it lacks alot of the features in the gp pro.

    Plastic knuckle protectors and finger protectors. Was told that it's better to have than carbon fibre as c/f shatters whereas the plastic grinds away.
    Also has plastic wrist cuff for better protection, leather flap that goes over the velcro straps to prevent it from working loose in a fall.
    A bridge between the pinkie and ring finger minimise seperation in an off.
    more support I suppose. And if you're going to lose that pinkie you'll probably take the ring one too. :p

    The thickness on top of the fingers was the first thing I took notice of when I went for a ride with it. Being multi layered with leather and/or plastic there seemed to be a bit of resistance when when I went to extend my fingers. I was worried as I thought It'd slow me down when I wanted to grab the brakes.
    This proved not to be an issue as I got used to it.

    Thats all I can think of writing. Not much I don't like about it really. Except the price I paid (actaully paid 209) still I wasn't looking for gloves!
    Dragging jeans was what I wanted. Bought them too :(
    Anyway..I like them, they feel good and look good.
    Broke now..Dont know if I can make first payment on new bike.
  2. Dude you need to stop impulse buying! Didn't you post in the helmet thread and you had 6 or so helmets already haha
  3. Cool! Those are the new versions of the Pro's! Did you get them local, or on import?
  4. Got these gloves at Peter Stevens in Melbourne.

    Yea have 8 helmets now. Can't store all the helmets at home so have 4 at work.

    And now I have 6 pairs of gloves.
    I'm going to try to steal something from PS. If I get away with it, I saved myself money. If I don't, they'll never let me come in again.
    It's a win win! :p