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A good upgrade from a 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. All,

    I will eventually be looking at an upgrade from my GPX, and am after some thoughts/suggestions.

    For starters, the bike is used as a commuter 4 days a week, roughly 15km each way in heavy city traffic - so economy is a must.

    Also, I cannot ride a bike that places too much pressure on the wrists, as I had an operation on my left wrist a few years back and it has not returned to 100%.

    I want something with more power than my current bike, but also something that doesn't need to be revved to 25,000rpm.

    Not overly fussed about faired/naked, a few I have come up with are:

    Yamaha FZ6
    Honda CBR600 Fi4
    Suzuki GSR600
    Suzuki SV650
    Kawasaki z750

    If anyone has any other suggestions, let us know, otherwise what do you feel would be a good choice out of the above?

    Also - please avoid the whole "Go sit on it and see", of course I will do this but any advice would be welcomed :)

  2. Honda VFR800 a very comfortable sport tourer with good all round capabilities, ample power.

    Done me good for instructing, commuting and the open road

    Kawasaki ER-600 see above, less power and sportiness though
  3. If you want cheap what about a GS500?

    I have similar needs in comfort and use as you but also need something to tour on and weekend twistie riding.
    I narrowed it down to:
    BMW F800ST
    Yammy TDM900
    Honda VFR800

    I rode the SV650s and it was awsome except the position on my wrists (im about 6'2") and the naked version was just all wrong for me.
    Also consider the ER-6f Havent ridden it myself but looks good on paper.
  4. I also can atest to the VFR covering all the bases you want now, and a good number more you haven't yet discovered. The F4i is also an excellent choice.
  5. Scott, you are upgrading already?
  6. Nah, just putting out the feelers, so I can start to keep an eye out...work out prices etc.
  7. I have owned my GSR600 for 4 weeks now and love it. I had a Hyosung GT650R and traded because the Hyo was just not the great in the twisties as the suspension could not keep up. I looked at the FZ6 but the GSR was a better package and more comfortable for me. The new FZ6 is on the way though but there is not a huge differance between it and the current model. The GSR is a little snappy on the throttle for comuting but has great broad power for an inline 4 and handles well for what I use it which is comuting and more so now weekend fun. The naked bike is a little tiring at speed though as you have no wind deflection. I yhink you need to decide if you want a naked or a faired bike as they are very different to ride. The Yamaha FZ comes as a naked or half faired version just like the SV650/1000. The Honda CBR600Fi4 is a great all rounder and I dont think you will find any owner complaints on them. I did not consider the Kawasaki Z750 on my bike hunt as it was out of my price range. The SV will give the best fuel economy around town as it is a lazy Vtwin. My Hyo 650 gave 4.5ltr per 100km on the Hwy and 5.2ltr per 100 around town. The GSR is getting around 6.5 at all times unless it is given a hard time. I settled on the GSR for 2 reasons 1 and the most important one I love the look of it and 2 because it was a good price.
    Good luck on your hunt.
  8. Bogus: I should've added the GS500 on the list, but am worried by getting that I would "outgrow" it powerwise too quickly.
  9. Duc Monster 695 :grin:
  10. You give me the moolah, and I'll buy one :LOL:
  11. I'm saving for my own with high mount termis and a tail chop :cool:
    Its all right to dream hey
  12. with the issues from your wrist, i'd sit on a few and potentially test ride em... could be a really nice bike but may hurt your wrist :D