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A good rumour , but is true?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jay77, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Last night I was told in no uncertain terms that the Suzuki SV650 is made by Hyosung, and purely sold by Suzuki.

    I would just like some thoughts on this please :)

  2. You are I'll informed. The end.
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  3. Ill stupid iPhone
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  4. Hyosung made Suzuki SV650's under licence. The original GT650's were in essence SV650's. This is no longer the case.
  5. Its a load of shit, I've even seen and engine teardown side by side, they are similar but not the same.
  6. In the original Hyo 650 was the "Suzuki SV650 motor." Think up till 08. Then they changed. Might have been later.
  7. I heard hyo just did the standard Asian trick of disassembling and copying the SV motor. When they first came out everyone would tell you "they are a Suzuki motor", but I haven't heard that line in ages
  8. I do know the parts for the SV motor were cheaper when they both used it.
  9. i was told that hyo was making all Suzuki engine and then Suzuki put a badge on them but from my knowledge that is a load of shit
  10. A good tell is the Hyo engines continually broke and the Suzuki engines continually didn't.

    Except for ceejay's. Which sent a conrod through the block, but he was racing it.
  11. Why is this not in "humour"?
  12. There are a few parts that are compatible with suzuki (and share part numbers) but there are shared parts on a cbr1000 and a Honda turbo jetski engine...

    On the whole they are two different engines
  13. So much Hyo hate :(
  14. And not totally un-justified. Yes in time they may become a good reliable option, just not yet. Although if it came to a choice between Hyosung and one of the Chinese things you'd see me on Hyosung.
  15. Yeah I am new to the more in-depth biking world. Previously have always been on the side of the road watching with a smile so I am not on the up and up for what generates hate and why. So far from what I gather, Hyos are unreliable pieces of sh*t?
    My poor bike. :depressed:
  16. They definitely were. Haven't heard so much of late so they may be improving. They had teething issues with the move to FI, but it's certainly about time they get their act together if they want to be taken seriously anytime soon.
  17. I must admit, the night I picked up my bike, I had the FI light come on when I pulled into a server, and the bike cut out on me when idling maybe 3-4 times.

    I was hoping it was because the previous owner had just had it sitting in the garage for the last 3-4 months without riding it and the fuel was either degraded or dodgey.

    Since warming her back in and going through 2 tanks of 98 fuel, I havn't had the light come on or cut out, but I have noticed some back firing in 2nd under 3,000rpm.
  18. Why are you using 98?
  19. It's better than 95 and E10.
  20. I would use e10 on a gt650 its going to be broken by the time the ethanol eats the hoses, and you might be able to buy a good bike next time with the money you save.

    My suzuki gets e10 for that reason