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A good reason why your rego should be all paid up

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. After my off in Crashmania last month, I get back to Melbourne and let TAC know about my off and injuries.

    They send me out a claim form, fill it out, failed to make a Police report in Tassie, made it 2 weeks ago today via phone.

    Get a call from TAC on Tuesday, "your claim has been approved, a rehab officer will be assigned to your case today" \:D/

    Get a call today from the surgeon's office, "would you like next Wed the 4th or 2 weeks later on the 17th?"

    Sign me up for the 4th babeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    So with a bit of luck, the road to recovery should start in 7 days time ;)
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    Good to hear all is on track for repairs, how long is the road to recovery?
    You didn't tell the story about how your rego ran out and you had to pay it real quick :p :)
  3. Full recovery will be 12 months apparently.

    Yeah, My rego expired between my off and my claim, expired on the 6th, realised on the 8th, ran in and paid it just in case ;)
  4. What is actually wrong with you? Also if your bike was unregistered, you would not qualify for T.A.C benefits at all?
  5. Hmm, just a quickie! From the TAC page
    I might be past my bedtime but I can't see that it says the person has to be driving a registered vehicle? I'll keep checking the site until I see something that definitely says they do or don't care about the vehicle being registered or I fall asleep. Wazza's bday has kept me up hehe.
  6. OK, I can sleep! :)

    Nighty night

    Oh, a loophole!

    You get 28 days to pay the rego/TAC charge anyway it seems. ok. Im going to sleep NOW :wink:
  7. They also gonna remove the bolts from your neck?
  8. no, but I have asked for a penis extension :)
  9. Instead of an extension why not ask for a duplication??

    That way you'll have two to play with :rofl:
  10. TAC give you Nissan skylines now? :LOL: I might have to ask for one and sell it for $$$ :wink:
  11. Woo hoo! The real healing begins...
    Sorry, I only just caught up with your superman thread. Don't know how I missed that one :roll: :LOL:
  12. They're making your neck longer??? :p :p :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Reading some posts on previous page, TAC will cover you regardless of you breaking the law, riding an unreg bike, jaywalking drunk etc wont they?
    I thought it was no fault? Other insurance companies obviously will scrub you but thats another story. Were talking about personal injury.
  14. This has got me perplexed. When I went to a music festival in Jan (Rainbow Serpent) there was a fund for a kid who was hit by a car and his parents needed $$$$ for the medical expenses/travel to see him. The signs were EVERYWHERE as all people were concerned and wanted his parents to be able to pay for this. I immediately thought "Huh? TAC isn't covering this??" So I don't know, maybe the driver was unregistered and therefore didn't cover (any) parties involved???? :?: :?: :?:
  15. Hmm, I dunno about a story like that? Maybe TAC dont cover transport for his folks so they had to raise money for that. I dont know much about TAC at all ( never had to claim) so someone correct me if Im wrong, but maybe they had him at a hospital that wasnt TAC participating or he was having treatment that TAC hadnt agreed to? this is a very interesting topic for sure.
  16. Bicycle riders and peds dont pay tac but theyre covered arent they?