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A good reason for the missus, why i need TWO bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by XG, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. The missus, is determined that i dont need 2 bikes, but i cant bare the thought of selling or parting with my good old GSXR SRAD'er 600.... I want to upgrade to a 1000cc within the year...

    Thanks to riding with slic im considering a R1 lol but still in love with the mighty BLADES still.....

    But gawd damn i need some good excuses.........

    Hint.... shes a redhead.... :p :) (i live in fear)

    Pardon me, if i offend anybody :)


  2. You could ask her why she needs two combs/brushes. Why she needs two (or half a dozen) types of shampoo. Or why she needs 100 pairs of shoes. Or all the jewellery. Clothing. Junk.

    Tell her you need a little variety in your life too ;)
  3. I've got a fiery red head too.

    Lately I've been pushing the "If we have two bikes you can come on rides too honey" line with not much success.

    You could tell her you traded it in, but secretly keep it at a mates house.

    Seriously though, with a redhead the only thing that can save you is GUILT youv'e gotta come off as self sacrificing, caring, loving and deeply, deeply dissapointed.

    If she knows that the only reason your getting rid of it is to please her and truly believes that you'll go through with it despite how badly you don't want to. She will eventually cave in and you my friend, will have 2 bikes sitting in the shed.

    Be warned, if you screw it up you may have no bikes, no balls, no missus and be living in the shed.

    To be safe you should advertise your bike well above market value and have them print the wrong number (just one digit out or she might wake up to ya) that way if it doesn't work you can reneg on the deal and shift to other tactics.

    Good Luck and let me know how you go.
  4. i got 2 bikes, i say just go out and buy it, i don't have a girlfriend or wife to annoy by doing that but dad cracked the shits at me when i brought the second bike home, cos he reckons i'm just throwing money away and now there isn't enough room in garage to fart... hehe But he got over it in about a week...
  5. tell her that if one breaks down, she'll have to drive you round till you fix it :D

    failing that, buy her something shiny to distract her while you wheel the new bike into the garage. she'll never walk in there anyways and she'd probly never know the difference between the two other loves of your life
  6. Well we have three bikes and I want more!!! No way should you part with a bike you love just because you are buying a new one!! Gee Wizz some women!! :roll:
    She says: Why do you need two bikes?
    You say: Just because end of story... Arh happy endings ROCK!!!

    Good Luck... :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. matt,
    going about it the wrong way mate .

    tell her you need at VTR 1000f , so you can take her out touring together so you can spend more time with her .
    The suzuki isnt really a comfortable bike for touring two up , so by letting you get a big V Twin will help the relationship as you can spend more time together .

    just thinking off her , she doesnt want to be sitting on those uncomfy seat all the way around tassie . :LOL:
  8. Because!!!!

    or you could try

    Because there must not be any gap between the two bikes so for a little while there will be two, then just plead stupidity with all your attempts to sell it. Women expect us to be incompetent so just go with it. :LOL:
  9. lol last time we had a fight over the bike.. how i spend more time/attention to my bike.. of course at the time i had a bucket and spong and alot of soapwater in my hand give the bike a good ol scrub and clean... lol told her to strip off and ill give her the same attention :) she wouldnt have any part of it :p :D


  10. :LOL: touché!!
  11. Very wise man to live in fear of redheads :p :D

    Women are like bikes, they love attention and want to be put on the top of the list of importance :shock: :D
    If everytime you buy something for the bike you bought your missus something then maybe she wouldnt have a problem!

    Hmm.. I personally would think that the more bikes my partner had, the more bikes I have to play with too :wink: :D
  12. If only there was more women out there like you CBC! :p :D
  13. Some people call me speshoul, I just think I am ...speshoul :roll: :D
  14. LOL! :p definately one of a kind. :LOL:
  15. If she never intends on riding sell one :cry: , you have the photos and upgrade to one bike that is your dream bike if you can and dink her around on days you are riding safely :), then let her also have something that she wants :) all to do with compromise :p
  16. marie, This is no place for common sense and good answers , you should know that by now :LOL: :LOL: