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A good exhaust for 2008-2009 CBR1000RR??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by didierkasjan, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. #1 didierkasjan, Jun 18, 2009
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    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone know of a nice sounding and nice looking exhaust for the 2008-2009 CBR1000RR?

    I really liked the bruce fabrications exhaust, sounds amazing and looks really nice.
    You can hear it here:

    Sadly they have gone out of business so you can no longer get this pipe.

    If anyone knows of a pipe that sounds similar to this please let me know

  2. a mate of mine got a twobrothers pipe put on his 08 model. Sounds blewdy awesome :grin: Adds a nice deep sound to the bike, pretty loud i must add. But dam she sounds good!
    check out www.morepowerracing.com
  3. Go for a carbon fibre slipon, keeps the nice bellowy low tones.
  4. I had this pipe in mind, I have heard that it sounds awesome, and it is quite affordable. Just don't like the look of it as much as some of the others.

    Ah well I might end up going for this one, thanks for the recommendation :)
  5. I,ve got 2 mates with 08 cbr 1000's

    1 with jardine the other with leo vince

    The jardine sounds like a gp bike very impressive. It is loud though.
  6. Hi Putanna I' interested with CBR1000RR 08' good price now However, I'm still worry with burning engine oil issue and cluth issue. Does your mates having an issue too ?
  7. Ive got a 09 blade and am hunting for exhaust options.

    Blueflame: looks hot, sounds hot, never heard much about em, no baffle cover. cheap

    Akrapovic: stupid s pipe, no baffle cover, looks good, expensive, best power and quality

    Yoshi: stupid s pipe, baffle cover, looks good, well priced, sounds good, questionable quality?

    2brothers: looks shite imho

    jardine: dont know much about em

    D&D: looks shit

    Bruce: sounds good, but seriously the retard in that cliP! LOL
  8. Na they haven't had any problems like that. I was under the impression that it was only on the track that these problems occured and overseas.
  9. FYI, went for a Leo Vince GP Pro wiht Filler ;)
  10. I reckon the Taylormade exhaust looks pretty good!

    Its all integrated and shit!

  11. +1 to taylor made... that is SEXY!
  12. Why would you buy an exhuast just for the sound or looks. You should be looking at the dyno sheets for each brand and seeing which one has the greatest Hp incease
  13. Sinner, are you serious?

    On a 1000cc (likely) just used on the road...

    A bit of a new look and sound is what I'd think most people are after.
  14. Of course i'm serious. If you're gonna spen money on your bike why not make it practical. If you want a new look then try modifying your stock pipes.
  15. modifying your stock pipes to look different? how else can you do that unless you get a slip-on?
  16. if you can afford it the taylormode or akra..

    I like the racefit mega
  17. I cant speak for my Kawasaki brothers but i know there's a few things you can dp to the stock pipe of the R1's such as painting your cans, wrapping your exhaust
  18. i was going to buy one of these in melb brand new, did exrensive research with my mate, the termi sounds great but looks out of place on bike.. but is very loud... but overall package i think the yoshi short is best go for the cbr1000rr
    looks the sex and sounds the sex

    the taylor made isnt rd legal in vic
  19. mind u i have a yoshi shorty on my gsxr 600 and my mate has dual yoshi cans on his big k9 gixxer..both soundd amazing! and carbon is great quality

    there should be a black cbr1000 with a full yoshi exhaust system on youtube. have a lookl at that, it was my inspiration