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a good deed by coles

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Garfield, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. For most of my life, I have lived without giving any $$$ to coles/myers etc.
    Have always preferred to do hunting & gathering at markets & independants.
    On Thursday, I returned from out bush, cold miserable and wet. On the way in, met some old friends, who had competed in the Finke desert race and were returning to Alice for a race meeting, which I knew had beeen cancelled due to the weather & Finke machinery failures. They were going to camp at the track, this I knew was flooded out and a mud bath, so we all stayed at my brothers place. My bro cooked this great meal & we all had hot baths & showers & another lot of wet & muddied pax arrived from Euendomo & ate all the leftovers. On Friday we all went to the Alice Springs Show, after a really great night, spent singing Bob Dylan songs and all the variances to Arlo Guthries Alice's Restaurant Song, that we knew or could make up, around the fire.
    Anyway, on Friday arvo, my bro & I & the babies left the A.P. show about 4'ish and went to do the huntin & gatherin for the house guests. In Alice,on a Friday arvo, you have a choice between Coles or Woolies, forget your standards or preferences. There is no choice. So. we bought the roast lamb & all we needed to go with it to feed 14 plus pax..... then wheeled the trolley to the b/s. It was busy, peak hour. Bro said you get 3 bottles of Penfold white, I get 3 of the red. We did & someone stole all of our food from our trolley! The Coles manager replaced, without question, all of our food. We did not have a receipt as I had just stuck it in one of the bags after going through the checkout. How is that for customer service?

  2. Pretty impressive for a ginormous faceless, heartless corporation. Nice to know that the humans involved can still be human. Glad you got looked after.

    Sounds like Alice is an interesting joint at the moment!
  3. yep, it is. lots of people in town, many stranded like me, cause of the rain causing impassable roads.
    Still cannot believe the Coles experience!
    What a group of very nice people!
  4. My coles experience at Eastgardens was completely opposite.

    The missus had purchased some veges at the fruit shop before heading into coles for the rest of the groceries.

    After getting the shopping done and paying the bill of $100, she walks out and was stopped by security who had been "tailing" her after she ate a loose blueberry when she picked up 2 punnets of said blueberries.

    Turns out an onion and a zuccini had fallen in with the other groceries. She offered to pay, but security led her away to a small room and called the cops (who, as it turns out, were on their way because someone else was actually stealing stuff).

    Cops turned up and when they heard the story they were like "WTF?". They apologised to my missus but said as they'd been called they had to follow through with the fine.

    Slapped my missus with a $300 shoplifting fine.

    Explained the situation to coles complaints but got a response of "guard followed procedure".

    As a result we now do our shopping at Woolies.
  5. Now that is bollocks. Cops always have the power of discretion.

    Also you will have the power to take that to court. I would, as it is more serious than a traffic offense when it comes to how it effects your future.
  6. I'd take it to court. It will be on her records...you can use security footage to back her innocence...or Coles using the video footage to proof themselves wrong.

    What ever happend to "innocent until proven guilty".
  7. Well, technically she isn't "innocent" - she did walk out of coles without paying for the onion etc and for that reason I'm not going to bother taking it to court - it would be a real hassle and we would likely lose. Just not worth the hassle for $300.

    But I would have thought that the security guard would have used their discretion to let her pay - it is a pretty useless thief who buys $100 of groceries as a cover to "steal" less than $2 worth.

    A lawyer once told me that court is a place where the law is upheld, not where justice is found. In our case we are seeking justice but the law is on the side of the security guard - they followed procedure.

    Just a pity that procedure overrides common sense.

    No real drama - happy to shop at woolies. Just a hit we didn't need.

  8. But it's a criminal offence, isn't it?
    Would not Mens Rea apply? You're right; no-one buys $100 worth of stuff to pinch an onion. An honest mistake occurs.
    Witness statements and character witnesses would confirm your wife had no intent to commit that crime, and compensation to the store for the value of their 'mislaid' goods is entirely reasonable.

    Whatever sentence applies should be seriously diminished.

    /not a legal type... wish Tramp was around.
  9. just shop at your local market or IGA etc.
    they do not have security guards and do not scare away customers over an onion.
  10. Talk to a lawyer. The old larceny offense definitely required intent. Without intent the requirements are not met and thus she didn't break the law. Now that there is a ticketing system they may have changed it, but I very much doubt it.

    Also it's not the $300, its the criminal record. It can effect job prospects and it matters very much if another criminal offense comes up at a later date. A poor driving record is one thing, but a criminal record is an entirely different matter.
  11. Nice work... how much was it all worth?

    Can't believe someone would steal all the bags of shopping! Kids maybe?
  12. Alice Springs dude...
  13. Doubt it was kids, not any in there as I remember. Happened in the bottle shop. Left the trolley in the clear aisle. (Loz, Jaq, where are you when needed?)It was peak hour & crowded (ie pallets of cold beer shifted to the centre, a long snakey queue to the register) All we wanted was 3 bottles of the Penfolds red & white, which was on special.Three Coles bags in the trolley,food to feed 14 pax, including a very expensive leg of lamb. The most amazing thing was that when the manager asked for the receipt, I just said I put it in the shopping bag. There was no hassle, it was just we will replace it, tell us what you bought.
  14. I'm still blown away by that. :eek:
  15. so was I, especially with no receipt.......
    and they were so quick with the offer to replace the shopping... no hassles.
  16. thats nice :) ... Its great to hear that there are still people out there who will look out for others ... I'm glad they replaced the stolen food :)
  17. If the liquor outlet was a Liquor land then it is not as generous as it seems. these are owned by Coles and if attached, it could be argued you were still in the same shop.

    There are retail rules and regulations that state when a store needs to replace product. e.g. if you are at McDonalds, have paid, but trip over and spill you food, they are obligated to replace it. I'm not sure whether it is legislation, but I have seen it done and I have seen it successfully argued. Similar if you damage something in a shop, you are not obligated to pay for (if it was an accident), no matter what the signs say.

    But it is still good to see that there was no argument from the management and that they went out of their way.

  18. You called?
    Ok. In the situation described its very probable that a good solicitor could have gotten her off.

    Theft requires an intent to deprive a person of thier property.
    Borrowing something is not theft, nor is accidently taking posession of something. Although this could become theft if you did not return it.

    I know its only $300.00, but an offence like this could stick to your record.

    As far as security nazis, Coles / Woolies have a zero tolerance theft policy. But I agree, this example is probably carrying it a tad too far.
  19. From what the cops told her, she got a ticket much like a parking violation or a speeding ticket, but not a criminal charge.

    I'll have to investigate further as to whether she has a permanent record even though no charges were laid (just a ticket written up).
  20. Info to back this up?
    I was always under the impression that if there is a sign, you can't contest it?