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A good day not to ride

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. The view from my office at 9am this morning, current temp is 1 degree and the snow just keeps on coming :shock:

  2. err.... ok. Well i hope you brought those huskies an the sled... :roll:
  3. geez you really are a fair weather rider jd :LOL: :wink:

    i really can't wait for spring and summer, i have had enough of this cold :(
  4. It's just a little snow...
    I've ridden in that before...
    BTW Which school is that? I went to East
  5. No snow, but was really harsh wind on the western highway this morning.

    i'm sure i've reduced the chicken strips onthe left side a bit this morning. :LOL:
  6. That would be the University of Ballarat.
    Just been outside taking some photos and it's hard enough walking without losing grip.
  7. I want to work there.....gotta drive half hour up the windy hill for snow here.
  8. :dance: Bring it on baby, Hotham this weekend
  9.  Top
  10. You will only get a day or two in any given year where it actually snows. I remember sitting studying for my midyear physics exam watching the snow come down.
  11. Forecast for Canberra tomorrow....

    Forecast for Wednesday
    Cloudy periods with a few light snow showers. Fresh cold westerly winds, moderating during the day.

    Precis: Light snow showers.
    City: Min 0 Max 5

    Looks like i'll be borrowing the missus' car!
  12. I have ridden through the snow before and it's not that bad - it's Ballarat drivers in the snow that are the real worry (plus don't have a bike at the moment anyway :p).
    Oh and as Falcon Lord pointed out it's usually only once or twice a year, strangely enough usually happens more often in early spring than winter. Been a while since it was this heavy though, of course most of its melted now.
  13. Ballarat Drivers in Snow?
    Ballarat Drivers FULL STOP
    Ballarat is a scary town when it comes to there drivers
  14. You ever driven in Bendigo? :eek:hno:
  15. you ever driven in victoria? :shock: :p