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A good crossword maker needed!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. I need to make a simple children's crossword for the library and was wondering if anyone here knows of any online or downloadable crossword makers. I've been sitting here all afternoon trying to find one that I can actually copy to my Word document. Everytime I try to copy and paste it, it either doesn't paste, or it only pastes part of the crossword. I've tried about 4 now, including downloading a program called Eclipse Crossword, but while I've had success in constructing the crossword, when it comes time to putting it in my Word doc. I keep hitting a brick wall. ](*,)

    So if anyone knows of a simple crossword maker which I can make a simple crossword with, and more importantly, be able to copy and paste it into my Word document, can you please point me in the right direction?


  2. Can you not print it from the site???

    Way to get it into a word document would be to hit your Print Scrn key while viewing the crossword [as long as it's not too big] and then pasting that image into an image viewer [such as Irfanview].
    Save to desktop or something, and import the picture as a piece of clipart into your Word document:
    Insert -> Picture -> From File

    That's how I'd get around it anyway.
  3. Are you trying to copy and paste the crossword as a picture file?
    If not try that. You can take a picture of the crossword or your desktop and paste that picture into your word document.

    I'm not sure of the actual keys you need to press to take a snapshot of your screen. something like ctrl+print screen or ctrl+alt+print screen. Perhpas someone with a windows key board could tell you.

  4. Ah! I just got it! Thanks for the help(funny how it's my music guys who come to the rescue ;) ) but I ended up finding this program:


    And when I pasted it into Word, it pasted. :) I was just about to download Irfanview too Ktulu. :)

    Crisis over. Now the jokes section. :grin:

  5. You should download Irfan anyway, it's the handiest program in the world....
  6. Was about to post the exact same thing... Best program ever.
  7. Will do. :) Thanks. :)
  8. I'm good at making crosswords. Everytime I go out for a short ride, and come home much later, Mrs Hornet makes cross words. :LOL:
  9. Hornet, that is the lamest joke I have ever heard. So lame in fact that you have me laughing :rofl:
  10. She should be happy she's not getting a phone call telling her "One down..." ;)
  11. :LOL:

    Well...*yawns*....everything is finally done..including one ultra good crossword. That's the last time I leave something till the last minute. Anyone would think I was in high school again. :roll: I'm going to bed.